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How can over-laminated barcode labels help your company?

When barcode labels were first introduced they were only available in a paper format. It was quickly found that these labels disintegrated, faded or were otherwise damaged quite easily when in constant use, so a more durable type of barcode label was needed.

Durable barcode labels now feature a type of over-lamination, which provides a coating of a clear polyester material over the label. This over-lamination can then protect the labels from things such as:

Self-adhesive barcode labels

It’s quite common to find some sort of self-adhesive label on just about every product you buy. They are available in many different shapes and sizes and span margins from their use in a trade sphere to the retail sector.

Self-adhesive labels are used in many different applications and usually feature some sort of unique identification code such as a barcode or QR code. They use these codes mainly for tracking and pricing purposes so that the end-retailer can distinguish between stock items and so that the item can be scanned at a point of sale (POS) counter.

Reduce human error using barcode labels

If you are about to start your regular stock take you’ll be well-aware that any type of error in the data capture, recording or management can play havoc with your final figures, especially if you are handling expensive stock. It thus makes sense to use a system which makes stock taking quick and easy and all but eliminates any mistakes you might make.

Selby bid to use barcodes throughout their town centre

A scheme which will see a town centre use barcodes to give visitors essential visitor information was submitted to the government last week.

Selby’s bid to receive financial backing to become a Portas Pilot (inspired by Mary Portas) was sent to the Government at the end of March. The town hopes to receive a £100,000 cash injection which will see them add visitor information stands around the town and create a website which people can visit to plan their journey and find out more about the town.

Using barcodes at work

Barcodes are an excellent way of keeping track of items in an office or other place of work. If each and every item has a barcode attached, the ease with which they can be found and identified is simple for all to see.
Barcodes can be seen to be useful in a number of ways:

Using custom barcode labels and asset tags

If you need to provide a way of identifying all the assets you have there is no better way than using barcode labels or asset tags. These labels are the perfect device to use for every type of business and because they are available in a wide range of designs they are suitable for general office use or suitable for use in a factory environment.

QR codes used to be used by British Waterways

British Waterways are looking for education volunteers to help teach young people about the importance of the rivers and canals in Bingley.

It is British Waterways plan to show visitors to Five Rise Locks animations on how the lock system works, so that they have a greater understanding of the engineering feat. The team of volunteers will show school groups, families on trips and other groups the lock system and will hope to develop their further understanding of the canal network.

Using weather-proof barcode labels

If you use barcode labels or asset tags in your factory you’ll be aware of the many benefits they possess. However, in some environments standard barcode labels might not be able to cope with the demands they are put under. In these environments you might need a type of barcode label which can withstand a great deal of wear and tear.

Situations which might need durable barcode labels include:

Durable asset labels and durable barcode labels

Standard asset labels and barcode labels usually come in an easy-to-stick on paper format which provide easy identification of products. But if the asset label is likely to be damaged in any way paper is perhaps not the best substrate to use. Because of this asset label companies have introduced a range of asset labels which are not only easy to stick on but are also extremely durable and suitable for rough and tough applications.