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How barcode labels could be used to make healthy food choices

Food scientists in Australia have developed an app for Apple’s iPhone that they claim will help consumers find out nutritional information on packaged food products, simply by making use of the app’s barcode scanner.

The scientific team, based at the University of Sydney, have come up with the ‘FoodSwitch’ application that utilises the camera on the iPhone. You just scan the barcode labels of the supermarket item you are considering buying and can find out nutritional advice on its contents.

Features improved on rewards card barcode app

It has been reported that MyEchain have recently upgraded their loyalty card app to provide additional features for customers. The app, which is available to iPod, iPad and iPhone users, can be downloaded from Apple’s App Store.

The new improvements to the app include the use of enhanced barcode technology, allowing the user to render a variety of rewards cards simply by using this app on the iPhone. Barcodes can now be displayed horizontally too, making it easier to scan at the cashpoint.

Simply scan your iPhone for a cup of coffee

Retail barcodes have now been taken to the next level. Starbucks, the global coffee chain, has rolled out its new app that allows its UK customers to be able to pay for their coffee and snacks using their handset. They have also improved the features on the app, which can be accessed through the Apple App Store.

Improving business productivity using barcode labels and asset labels

Barcode labels are one of the best ways that you can speed up the data processing at your business site. Because of this it is vitally important for businesses to have a thorough understanding of the uses of barcode labels and what savings can be made by using them.

Barcode labels and asset labels are the perfect way of labelling any items or stock that you own. Whether a laptop, flash drive, tools or other equipment, if they are all labelled, the chances of them going missing or even being damaged are reduced dramatically.

Warehouse barcode labels

Barcode labels are a simple and effective way of labelling a product or an item so that information about that item can be held elsewhere on a database. And barcode labels are thus often as important a commodity for a business as the item to which they are fitted.

Barcode labels are being used in the commercial sector with increasing regularity. And one of the places which have seen exponential barcode use over the last few years is in warehouses.

Shoppers use barcode labels to help them make healthy choice

Barcodes are used by businesses across the worlds as a way of unique product identification. But Australian food scientists have now found another use for the simple barcode label – as a way to help shoppers make healthy choices when buying food from a supermarket.

A new iPhone application, which has just been launched, allows shoppers to find out the nutritional information of a product and hence help them to avoid fatty, salty or sugary items.

It is all about barcode labels

Smaller businesses realise the importance of keeping a check on inventory and stock levels. Any money which is tied up in stock is money that can’t be used because it is essentially sitting on a shelf gathering dust. But, if you have a way of measuring the stock you have and checking what is used frequently and what is used infrequently, you can make business processes a lot smoother and free-up some of that idle cash.

A couple of barcode benefits

Barcode labels are one of the best ways to speed up the data processing of any type of stocktaking or inventory assessment. It is therefore important for every organisation to understand the benefits that barcode technology can bring to a business and understand how a company can reap the rewards of investing in a barcode system.

Finding cheap barcode labels

If you look at any product packaging you are sure to see a barcode label. Barcode labels are an easy way of product identification and are used by retailers as a way to price items and keep stock records.

The many benefits of barcode labels

Barcode labels are available in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and types dependant on the specific application for which they are used. Whilst many businesses are now realising how these simple tags can help in terms of business efficiency, some businesses have still to reap the rewards that using barcode labels bring.