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Cheap aftermarket barcode labels

Barcodes are used on the product packaging of just about every product you buy. They are also used for inventory tracking and are used expensively in the parcel delivery service by multi-national companies the world over.

A barcode is a way of adding data or information to an item without the need for a written list of instructions. It is essentially just a set of thick and thin parallel lines which can be interpreted by a barcode scanner so that a unique code or reference can be used to attach other information to it.

QR codes used on gravestones

We’ve seen barcodes on trees, barcodes on town signs and even barcodes on cows, but barcodes on gravestones?

A funeral director from Poole in Dorset has started to attach QR codes to gravestones to allow visitors or family members to find out more about the person laid to rest.

The QR code can be scanned by a smartphone and the website to which the user is directed contains a biography of the deceased.

Barcodes used to track blood

New blood tracking software has been revealed by the Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust.

The barcode label tracking system uses software which controls the access to blood fridges and allows each barcoded unit of blood to be matched to a patient’s wristband barcode.

The system from Msoft eSolutions has been named Bloodhound and is designed to enhance patient safety.

The managing director of MSoft eSolutions said:

The durability of asset labels

Barcode labels can be used in a variety of different applications and don’t just have to be used in a retail environment.

Simple paper barcode labels are the most popular type of label, but there are also a host of different labels which can be subjected to much harsher conditions.

New Tesco grocery ordering system uses barcodes

Tesco have a launched a new grocery ordering service at Gatwick Airport so passengers can make sure their fridge is stocked up when they return from their travels.

The system has a large interactive chilled cabinet-like display where an assortment of 80 products are displayed along with their corresponding barcode labels. If you want to buy any of the items on display you simply scan the item’s barcode with your smartphone.

Using asset labels to keep equipment safe

There are many companies who are getting rid of permanent staff and hiring temps to cut back on overheads. This can be a good idea and can result in increased flexibility in terms of contracts won and lost and can also mean that laying off of unneeded staff never needs to happen.

The downside of this however is that keeping track of company property becomes an issue.

Hospital barcode scanning system wins award

It has been revealed that the Oxford University Hospitals (OUH) has been handed an award in patient safety for its innovative electronic barcode scanner which is able to identify patients and request tests to be carried out.

The handheld system, which utilises the Positive Patient Identification (PPID) and the Electronic Patient Record (EPR) technologies, has been given the National Patient Safety award.

What now? Dairy cows with barcodes sprayed on their backs?

A dairy cow has had a QR code spray painted on its back to promote the UK dairy industry.

The QR code, which is a type of souped-up barcode, can be scanned by smartphones or other specialist readers and directs users to a blog which records the cow’s daily routine.

Somerby dairy farmer Jane Barnes said she’d had the wacky idea to highlight dairy farming challenges and the reduction in the number of sons who were following their fathers into the farming trade.

Apple demonstrates abilities of new barcode app at conference

Renowned for their innovative products and applications, Apple showed developers at its recent Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco it is always looking to stay ahead of the game, with the introduction of its new Passbook app.

Along with the unveiling of its flagship operating system iOS6, the company took the opportunity to showcase Passbook, an app that lets users manage their store cards, movie tickets, boarding passes and other items that contain barcode labels, QE codes or any other scannable codes.

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