Using custom barcode labels and asset tags

If you need to provide a way of identifying all the assets you have there is no better way than using barcode labels or asset tags. These labels are the perfect device to use for every type of business and because they are available in a wide range of designs they are suitable for general office use or suitable for use in a factory environment.

Some situations may call for a more durable barcode label to be used, whereas some situations may call for a customised solution. But if you know what can be done at the outset it can make the ordering process of barcode labels much simpler.

What options do you have?

If you don’t want to use standard barcode labels or asset tags there are a host of different options available to you.

Things which can be custom specified include:

• The material out of which the label is made
• The adhesive used on the label
• The size and shape of the label
• The design of the label

If you choose to have a custom label design, you can add your own business logo or even a promotional message. Some companies even choose to add their web address so that potential customers can get in contact if they so wish.

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