Durable asset labels and durable barcode labels

Standard asset labels and barcode labels usually come in an easy-to-stick on paper format which provide easy identification of products. But if the asset label is likely to be damaged in any way paper is perhaps not the best substrate to use. Because of this asset label companies have introduced a range of asset labels which are not only easy to stick on but are also extremely durable and suitable for rough and tough applications.

A paper asset label simply would not work on a power tool. The label would in time wear away or rub off leaving the item unnumbered and without as recognisable mark. Because of this durable asset labels have been invented, which are made out of materials which are much tougher than paper.

Durable asset labels are made out of a durable vinyl material which is strong enough to withstand the rigours of factory life. The labels also provide resistance against some types of chemicals and are suitable to be used in applications which have a varying degree of temperature tolerance.

The adhesive on durable barcode labels adheres the label to the item permanently so you won’t have to worry about it peeling off or being taken off by an unscrupulous member of staff.

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