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The benefits of security labels

Security labels are becoming more common all the time across the business sphere. They are mainly used to prevent tampering or to provide evidence of tampering of a product or item.

The two main types of security labels currently available are:

Void labels

Void labels are designed so that if they are tampered with or if they are removed a ‘void’ message is left in the label’s place. The removed part of the label cannot then be reattached.

Tamper evident labels

Tracking lost items using barcode labels

One of the best ways to keep a check on all the items you own is to have a database which records each and every item and its location. This database can be a comprehensive list of all the assets you own and can even be a filtered depending on the type of search you are conducting. Asset location can be filtered or even asset type. For those assets which require electrical safety checks, a filter can also be applied so that those items which are out of date can be highlighted. In this way it’s easy to see what a difference an asset database can make.

Using stick-on barcode labels

If you enter a retail establishment, it is hard to miss the barcodes which are attached to every item in store. The barcodes provide a simple way for the shop owners to distinguish between different items and for them to implement a simple pricing structure which can be changed on a computer terminal in a matter of seconds, rather than relabeling every item with the correct price.

Temperature sensitive barcode labels

Temperature sensitive barcodes which can be scanned by a smart phone will be used by food proceeding companies to enable temperature quality to be monitored along every part of the supply chain.

The new technology named ThermoTrace TTI has been launched by DeltaTRAK at the United Fresh trade show earlier this month. The technology enables barcodes to be scanned by traditional barcode readers or by smartphones using either iPhone or Android software.

A different kind of barcode artwork

We are all familiar with barcodes, they have become a staple part of all our lives, we see them on just about every product we buy and may even see them at work on our equipment as a way to identify different items.

However, it seems like some people choose to view barcodes differently, and one of those people is artist Scott Blake. Scott’s latest works of art all feature thousands of barcodes, all positioned impeccably to represent the facial characteristics of a major celebrity.

Amtrak train conductors to scan barcodes

Amtrak, the US train operator, has started to train some of its conductors to scan tickets with an iPhone rather than use the traditional ticket punching method.

The US Corporation oversees passenger train services and on some of their routes they have adopted the use of the iPhone to scan barcodes printed on train tickets.

The company started training its conductors last November and hope to have all 17000 conductors using the scanning device by late summer.

New barcode system adopted by Gatwick Express

A new barcode ticket scanning system has been adopted by Gatwick Express, the company which provides the rail to air service between Victoria train station and Gatwick airport.

The new barcode system should alleviate the long queues some passengers had to cope with at times of heavy footfall. The system enables customers to print off their own tickets or use an image of the barcode on their mobile device, which can be scanned at the ticket gates.

Cheap adhesive barcode labels

Marking or tagging one’s possessions is not a new fad. The need to provide product identification has however become more apparent as companies strive to find ways to reduce overheads and make their businesses more profitable.

A business can only be profitable and efficient if it has complete control over its assets. And if this means that each asset has to have a unique number or barcode attached then there needs to be a way of making this possible.

Barcode labels for harsh environments

Standard barcode labels would not likely survive if they were exposed to the harsh conditions seen within some factories in the UK. The high temperatures that exist in some factories combined with the dust, dirt and products used do not give simple paper barcode labels a chance to bring their well known efficiency benefits.
If a business needs to use barcode labels in harsh environments, such as in areas which are subjected to heat or cold or even on equipment which is exposed to chemicals, a different type of barcode label needs to be used.

New handheld scanner from Wasp

A new mobile computer barcode scanning device has just been launched by Wasp Barcode technologies. The new device is compatible with current wasp inventory control software and is designed to increase efficiency and productivity in logistics, retail and field service environments.

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