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At Data Label we supply a range of barcode labels, designed for different applications. Whether you're looking for asset labels for tracking your assets, or simply looking to incorporate a barcode on your retail product, we can provide a fast, reliable service to fulfill your requirements. We can print the most popular EAN-13 (retail), codes 128, 39 and QR formats. Barcode labels can contain alphanumeric characters (except EAN codes), and we can even supply them using variable data from Excel spreadsheets or database files. Utilising the latest in digital print technology, we are able to incorporate company corporate colours on your labels, delivered within a matter of days!

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Brief history of Barcode Labels

The history of the barcode can be first traced back to 1932 at the Harvard University Graduate School of Business Administration. But it was nothing like the barcode that we all see on just about every item sold today; then it was a crude system of punch cards. The barcode as we know it was first used by the Association of American Railroad in 1967 on railroad freight wagons but it was not to last long.

The barcode that is so familiar to us was applied to a packet of Wrigley's chewing gum which just happened to be the first item lifted from the cart by a shopper, and that pack of gum is toady on display at the Smithsonian Institution's National Museum of American History. The system used then was adopted and barcoding as we know it was born. Today they have become an integral part of our lives.

What can you use Barcode labels for?

The short answer to the question might be better applied if it asked what the barcode cannot be used for; the answer would probably be very little! Just about every product we see today has barcodes attached, which are used for a variety of purposes. Point of sale is the most obvious - it will tell the cashier how much to charge for the product - but the barcode can also allow for automated replenishment of the item.

In manufacturing it can track work in progress through various stages, as well as preventing problems arising. The barcode is used for employees to record time and attendance, also to permit entry to premises. The barcode is also used in quality control and on packaging for deliveries - these are just a few examples. Barcode systems routinely save companies money while improving quality, on-time performance, and other key business factors.

Different Types of Barcodes

The barcode we are all familiar with is the one that we see at the supermarket. This is the EAN-13 or the Industry standard retail code and is one of the most common ones we are likely to come across. Others that we normally supply to our customers are codes EAN 8, 39, 128, and QR formats. EAN 8 is a retail bar code where space is limited; 39 is industry standard alphanumeric code; 128 is used extensively in the shipping and packaging industries, but is also a high density replacement for code 39. The QR Code was originally developed by Toyota for car parts, but is now used by the advertising industry and can be scanned with a mobile phone.

At Data Label we can we supply a range of barcode labels, designed for different applications, and we are always happy to discuss bespoke requirements. Utilising the latest in digital print technology, we are able to incorporate company corporate colours on your labels, delivered within a matter of days. Whatever purpose you are considering using a barcode for, contact us and we will be pleased to discuss the numerous options that are available and let you have a free quotation and samples of our barcodes if required.

Code 39The industry standard alphanumeric code.
Code 128Used extensively in the shipping and packaging industries, but also a high density replacement for code 39.
EAN-8Retail bar code where space is limited.
EAN-13Industry standard retail code.
UPC-ACode for tracking trade items in stores.
QR CodeOriginally developed by Toyota for car parts, now used by the advertising industry and can be scanned with a mobile phone.
DatamatrixHigh density code for small electronic components.
  • EAN-13 EAN-13
  • EAN-8 EAN-8
  • Code 39 Code 39
  • Code 128 Code 128
  • QR Code QR Code

Different Types of Barcode Materials

The most common material which we are asked to supply is a barcode on white paper or polypropylene materials, but the kind of material which is used will depend upon the application where the item is used. If the situation demands it, we can offer a variety of options. We can also print on premium materials such as polyester and aluminium.

It is important to determine where the item is to be used and what the environmental conditions are likely to be encountered. This could be on machinery, on an engine used in heavy duty work, possibly subject to chemicals, or maybe where abrasion is likely. For example, it is of little value to have a barcode on a product in a freezer if it cannot be read by the barcode scanner. There are many options which we offer which will protect the barcode. For example, we can over-laminate them, or we can coat them with other kinds of substance that will ensure that they remain completely functional. In certain conditions, we would recommend that that are made from a special material such as super durable vinyl.

Just as long as we know what conditions the label is likely to encounter, we will be able to make recommendations.

Barcode Sizes & Shapes

We have access to a wide range of "pre-sized" dies for printing your barcode labels. We can print most sizes and shapes using our highly sophisticated digital label press and finishing equipment, which eliminates expensive dies or tooling, meaning we can pass on our reduced production costs to you.

Retail Barcode Labels

If you are already familiar with putting retail barcodes on your product, you will know the procedure. However, if you are new to retailing or in the process of launching a product into the retail sector, you will need to contact an organisation called They are a global organisation and a small fee is payable for their service.

After you have done this, you will have obtained a unique barcode number that identifies your company as the maker of the product and then we can help by producing the labels for you. If this is a new product launch and you are unsure how many to order, we can supply short runs. The unit cost however does go up for short runs, so we have a minimum order charge of £45.00.

Barcode Reliability and Verification

We understand how important it is that barcodes scan accurately to minimise any disruptions to your operations or your customers, hence the reason we have devised a system to eliminate error occurrence by ensuring that every barcode is scanned for its readability prior to dispatch. We do this because we know how much the quality of the product is absolutely paramount to the success of your business and your customers.

Our in-depth knowledge enables us to supply high quality barcode labels tailor made to our customers expectations.

What DataLabel Can Offer You

At Data Label, we are able to call upon 29 years of continuous trading in the label printing industry and we are confident that whatever your needs we can fulfil them. No matter whether your enquiry is for business or for personal use, we can use our expertise to design a label or use your custom design to fruition.

Our range of printing equipment allows us to print custom labels exactly to our customers' requests; we have invested in the most recent advanced print innovation technology, which eliminates the requirements for costly print plates. Our goal is to always pass these savings on to our customers.

We have a huge range of over 5,000 stock label sizes, but if you need a special size or shape, we can order a bespoke cutter for a small additional fee. We can supply you with samples, just contact us at either 01293 551520, or by email to and we will be happy to deal with your request.

Available on Rolls or Sheets

Although labels are usually supplied on rolls, we are happy to offer labels in sheet form if that is what you prefer. These come in A4 size and we will be happy to discuss the format with you. Most of our customers prefer to have their labels supplied on rolls, these are a convenient and easy to store. Sequentially numbered labels are supplied with the lowest number on the outside of the roll, unless otherwise specified.

Whether your requirement is for labels on A4 sheets, or on rolls, we will be happy to supply either and to discuss this with you and let you have a quotation for both forms to compare.

Typical Applications include

  • Retail barcodes
  • Document tracking
  • Goods tracking
  • Inventory control
  • Asset management

Barcode Examples

Barcode Examples
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