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How a barcode system can work in a retail setting (Part 2)

Barcode labels allow for retailers to create an organised and regulated system for the products they sell, with things put into categories and stored on a central database.

By having a barcode system which can only be understood by a specially designed device you can ensure that no mistakes are made. For instance, barcodes can even be scanned upside down without any problem. This makes for such a reliable way of sorting out stock and for scanning items at speed.

How a barcode system can work in a retail setting (Part 1)

We have recently been looking at barcode labels and how they are often used to great effect in shops of all sizes. They can help with putting through any price changes to products as well as the reordering of items. Due to the accuracy of this technology this gives shop owners the confidence in their current and future situation. But how do they actually work in practice?

How barcodes can be used to effectively market a business

There are now so many different ways to make use of barcode labels in a wide range of industries. In fact technology such as Quick Response codes are being used by businesses as part of their strategic marketing plans.

Promoting a company using barcode labels like the QR squares or 2D barcodes as they are also referred to is becoming quite common these days.

Barcode labels and what you can use to scan them

As there are many types of barcode available, you can safely say that there are all sorts of devices that can be used to scan and make sense of them. In retail stores you may find a particular technology is used, while other industries could use something completely different.

Retail barcodes are often scanned using handheld devices as this makes the process quite simple and effective for the shop assistant to use when checking prices. They can look like a gun which has a trigger to scan the products but this varies from store to store.

Barcode labels can really work wonders for shop owners

It is a mystery to many people as to how barcode labels can use a machine to scan the prices of all the products in a supermarket. Any member of staff can use this barcode technology to find out all kinds of information.

This is incredibly useful for shop owners as they can quickly and easily scan an item using a specially designed barcode reader which can read the black and white stripes of the coding. These labels can be stuck to all types of products, from food goods to stationery items.

American firm uses barcode labels for effective asset tracking

Asset tags and barcode labels are an incredibly useful medium for ensuring that equipment owned by a company is not lost and is always trackable. A Californian security firm recently found this to be the case as they installed a new asset management system for their business.

Paladin Security in Sacramento, California, found that they would not be seen as credible in the security industry if they could not be trusted to protect their own assets and so they went for a solution called MobileAsset by Wasp.

Barcodes used to track genuine prescription drugs in the US

After a recent issue with doctors stateside who received counterfeit treatment products, a more rigorous process has now been introduced to check what is being sent in using a national database system.

Last week it was revealed by the Food and Drug Administration that around 19 doctors bought a version of the colon, lung and brain cancer drug Avastin which was counterfeit. Since then stringent checks have now been put in place that involve the usage of barcode labels.

Canadian firm finds unique way to offer relatives memorial info

Many more companies are coming up with unique ways of making use of barcode labels in this day and age which is great to see. A rather more unusual one reported recently is that of a company from Regina, Saskatchewan, a province of Canada.

They have been the first in this country to come up with a use for barcodes that involves linking gravestones with online memorial information to give relatives and friends of the deceased access to details.

How retailers can still benefit from using barcode labels

It is becoming more and more common to see customers going into shops and scanning the barcode of items they are interested in using their smartphone’s camera. This is all well and good in terms of choice for consumers, but how can retailers ensure they still get the business?

Barcode labels have proved to be an amazing invention. The simplicity they provide retailers so that by just scanning a product, they can find out all sorts of information about the item as well as stock levels.

School uses barcodes to teach lessons

Barcode labels are incredibly useful in many areas of life and as technology is moving forward, many new ways of putting barcodes to good use are appearing all the time. One of these uses, which has been in the news recently, is the report about a school in Newport, Wales, using Japanese Quick Response technology to aid with their lessons.