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Barcodes on trees

We all know how important barcodes can be when used in an inventory tracking system, but it seems like their use has been expanded from retail items and business items to other sectors altogether.

Trees in Whitby are to be fitted with barcode labels as part of the town’s tree assessment and inventory programme.

Barcode scanners for business data recording

Barcode technology can improve accuracy of data recording and can also save company time. Scanners can read data instantly and then transmit this information wirelessly to a computer system. The need for manual data entry which can result in errors can thus be eliminated if an employer moves to a barcode scanning system.

There are certain applications in which barcode technology can be used to improve the profits and productivity of a company. These include:

Barcode label materials

We are all familiar with barcodes. These are the small sequence of lines which feature on just about every product we buy today. Barcodes are used for pricing, inventory tracking and product allocation reasons and are a firm part of our everyday lives. However they don’t have to be printed onto a product packaging at the time of manufacture, they can also be printed onto paper and these paper labels stuck onto products at any point in the product’s lifecycle.

Will Apple’s Passbook app really make life a lot easier for consumers?

Apple fans are waiting with baited breath for the arrival of the new operating system this autumn, with iOS 6 set to change the landscape yet again with regards to what is possible with mobile devices.

Over the past few years the ‘app’ has really taken off, with all smartphone manufacturers looking to get in on the act. It is not just Apple leading the way in terms of releasing and allowing access to applications that make things easier for their customers.

Barcode labels for countless applications

Barcode technology has moved on leaps and bounds over the last few decades. From their use on retail packaging to their use as an asset marking technology, it’s clear that barcodes are here to stay.

If you regularly go shopping you’ll recognise that barcodes are attached to every product you buy. They are an easy way to identify individual items and can be used effortlessly when stock taking or when pricing items.

Field based staff need asset tracking

Historically companies would have the majority of employees working within a central office. This set up meant that all the employees could be provided with equipment that was easy to track, and maintain. However, with the increasing overheads involved in keeping a central office, more and more employers are deciding to have a team of field based staff working in their own homes.

Barcode labels in warehouses

Barcode labels are now used the world over in retail and commercial establishments to keep track of stock items. Their use has increase exponentially over the past couple of decades and whilst many people might think that they are only used for pricing and stock quantity reasons, barcode labels have many other uses besides.

One of the areas where barcodes are used extensively is in warehouses. Yes, barcode labels are used for stocktaking, but it’s their ability to improve productivity and performance levels which stands them apart from the competition.

Asset labels help remote working

In the past when business had a stable number of staff who all worked in the office there was no need to track company items. However, nowadays many people are field based or even work from home. Staff turnover has also greatly increased from the point it was at just a few years ago, with people moving jobs around twice as often as they did just a few decades ago.

Three uses for asset labels

Asset labels are a great way of identifying products or goods, however they can be used for a variety of different purposes.

Identifying similar items

There are many situations by which a company will have more than one of the same item. It thus becomes very difficult to differentiate between these items. The best way to determine which item is which is to use asset labels. Asset labels can be stuck on every item so the item is easy identifiable.

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