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Permanent and tamper proof labels

When fixing asset tags or labels to your valuable equipment it is vital that they are permanent and difficult, or impossible to remove. This kind of label should be made from vinyl as it is a far better option than using paper.

The adhesive that is necessary will form a super strong bond between the label itself and the surface of the equipment to which it is being attached. The glue hardens over a period and it is at its maximum strength is usually after a period of four hours, by which time it is virtually impossible to remove.

The easy way to order labels

At Data Label we do everything that we can to make your job of buying labels for your products as easy as it can possibly be. If your product is a new one or you have not ordered a product label or barcode previously we can help you through the process.

Changing offices made easier

We are not trying to suggest that moving into new business premises is easy, it never is and like moving home it can cause a lot of stress. However, there are things which can take some of the stress away from moving and we would always recommend that a professional business removal expert is used and not Joe down the road with his Transit van!

The new website is working well

It is coming up to two years since we launched our new website and from feedback that we have received in the intervening time, it looks as though this is working well for both our existing customers and the many new ones that have come to us.

From the comments that we have received, finding examples of what you, the customer wants, is easier than previously, finding the new site easier to navigate, with a crisp appearance and a wide appeal.

Protecting your label

Between us we have designed approved and carefully produced the perfect label for your item and the barcode has been tested for readability and does so every time. Having gone through all the stages, the last thing that you as the item supplier want is for the label to become damaged, or the barcode unreadable through handling in transit or storage in the warehouse, so what can be done to protect it.

DataLabel Giving The Best Customer Service

If you want a quotation for a product label, barcode, vinyl sticker, or an asset tag, by telling us a few things will make it easier for us to get the quotation to you quickly and possibly we may be able to suggest alternatives that could put you ahead of the competition.

Barcode or QR

The quick response or “QR” code is being seen on more advertisements, leaflets, in fact just about everywhere, so is the QR replacing the barcode? Well the simple answer to that is no, this is because essentially it does a different job to the barcode, although they can both be read by optical devices.

Custom labels

We believe that a custom label is probably the best way in which you can successfully engage in a marketing campaign. It is believed in marketing circles that images portray far better than words and an eye catching image is more likely to be remembered by the person who see it.

Asset Tags & Barcodes

The modern way to take stock or to make an inventory check is through barcoding and asset tagging, this way your team will not have to rely on hand written records which can be difficult to read or mistakes easily made through human error.

This can lead to all sorts of unnecessary problems, accounting, business efficiency and even productivity by having to double check everything to ensure that it is correct. It may also affect customer relations too, if queries cannot be answered quickly and importantly, correctly; swift and accurate answers to customers’ enquiries are excellent for good relationships.