Asset Tags & Barcodes

The modern way to take stock or to make an inventory check is through barcoding and asset tagging, this way your team will not have to rely on hand written records which can be difficult to read or mistakes easily made through human error.

This can lead to all sorts of unnecessary problems, accounting, business efficiency and even productivity by having to double check everything to ensure that it is correct. It may also affect customer relations too, if queries cannot be answered quickly and importantly, correctly; swift and accurate answers to customers’ enquiries are excellent for good relationships.

The answer to a modern inventory check, stock take and to avoid the human error factor is to attach barcode labels to all of your merchandise and stock. This way each and every item can be quickly and efficiently identified and accounted for by a quick pass with a barcode scanner. Your staff will be able to take stock and inventory checks much more accurately and quickly, allowing them to get onto other important work. You can use asset tags in a similar way, to label and keep track of all of your company’s possessions, tools and equipment.

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