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Tamper Evident Labels Are Really Important

What is the point of having a tamper-evident label on a food product? Well put simply it will tell the customer or storekeeper that the product could have been interfered with and should be withdrawn from sale. A standard paper or file with a permanent adhesive may meet many customers’ requirements.  However, in more demanding applications, special tamper-evident materials are available.

Promotional and Point of Sale Labels

A great product just like the one you have produced is of little value unless you publicise it and the best way to do that is by attractive packaging and of course a label to inform your customer just how good your product really is. Promotional labels which ensure your promotion stands out from the crowd are essential in today’s crowded marketplace.

Labels A Necessary Evil

In today’s world we have to accept that not everyone is totally honest and this is why your company should ensure that its valuable assets are tagged to prevent an unscrupulous person form selling them of on a site like eBay for example.

I know that you might laugh at such a suggestion, but sadly in an organisations such as a college or large IT workplace it can happen, which is why just about all companies and organisations use asset tags.

Affordable & Easy Advertising

We have all seen them thousands of times, whether we are driving behind them, walking on the pavement or through a car park, the advertising stickers on the front or back of a car. Car dealerships have had them on cars for years and also the British Legion Poppy Appeal now supplies them for the car owner to display on their car to show that they are supporting the appeal.

Ensuring correct temperatures of food

Many foods require to be kept at a temperature that ensures that they remain fresh and in good condition. The dairy cabinet in the local supermarket has some of the goods that need temperature control, usually this will not cause the retailer any problem, no it is the cold chain or logistics of getting the food from the factory to the supermarket that can be a cause of concern.

Using QR Codes

It is appearing just about everywhere now and it would seen on most of the products that we buy and a few more besides, we are talking about the QR code.

Materials that can be used for a barcode label

We are all familiar at seeing a barcode printed onto a product label, which is used at the point of sale or portable scanner to either identify the product, read the price, aid stocktaking and inventory tracking amongst a variety of uses. The product label is usually made from paper or it can a synthetic such as polyester this can be over laminated to avoid the barcode becoming damaged or distorted which would make it difficult for the scanner to read the information.

Any Size Any Colour Any Material

Data label manufacturing has all the capabilities to produce designs and innovative custom labels for a wide variety of applications. Utilising the latest digital manufacturing technologies, Data Label will produce custom labels that satisfy the customer’s most demanding labelling requirements.

Whether you need pre-printed text, graphics, or logos, special sizes and configurations, special topcoats or spot coating, specialist adhesives, or unique constructions, Data Label can produce custom labels to meet the most demanding needs which will suit your particular requirement.

Rules of Labelling Products

It can be quite daunting if you have to wade through the many rules and regulations placed on consumer products; this applies to just about every business most of which has their own requirements. Labelling rules vary according to the product and its components; for example cosmetics and body care products are labelled differently than food or a pharmaceutical product, which is pretty obvious of course. Naturally, products and clothing for children are labelled differently than those for adults. Manufactured items, such as home appliances or gardening products, may require warnings about gases, chemicals or dangerous components.