Permanent and tamper proof labels

When fixing asset tags or labels to your valuable equipment it is vital that they are permanent and difficult, or impossible to remove. This kind of label should be made from vinyl as it is a far better option than using paper.

The adhesive that is necessary will form a super strong bond between the label itself and the surface of the equipment to which it is being attached. The glue hardens over a period and it is at its maximum strength is usually after a period of four hours, by which time it is virtually impossible to remove.

This kind of label and adhesive is normally seen on equipment found in offices, schools, as well as many IT companies and is used on workstations, keyboards, monitors, hard drives and mobile equipment. This kind of label and adhesive has been developed to overcome the previous problems that were found when trying to stick asset labels to the plastic used on computers.

Ensuring that an asset has not been tampered with and has been opened is now overcome by using a label which clearly displays void if an unauthorised person has attempted to open or tamper with the equipment.

Ideally this kind of tamper proof label is used on IT equipment of all kinds as well as music systems, medical equipment, and many other kinds of communication devices.

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