Changing offices made easier

We are not trying to suggest that moving into new business premises is easy, it never is and like moving home it can cause a lot of stress. However, there are things which can take some of the stress away from moving and we would always recommend that a professional business removal expert is used and not Joe down the road with his Transit van!

Another sure fire way of helping is the use of asset tags on your equipment, this will leave you somewhat amazed that moving equipment between departments or even moving an entire office can be easier.

By attaching asset tags to all your equipment they will soon show their versatility and worth when you are moving office. If equipment such as computers, monitors, furniture, water coolers and even documentation is all properly labelled, your assets will be protected and you’ll be able to relocate them easily.

This alone is a benefit to having asset tags attached to your equipment, but they will also act as a theft deterrent and have seals which if broken alert the owner that the item has been tampered with. Asset tags will thus make your move to a new office quicker, easy and help employees become at home as they will see all the equipment they are used to.

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