Labels that stay on in the coldest of environments

We have all done it at some time or another, prepared a meal and had a couple of portions left over and frozen them for use another day, only to find that the neat little label that we put on has come off and we haven’t an idea what is in the plastic box.

So how do you think that the label that is stuck onto the human eggs, or sperm and then placed onto a liquid nitrogen container and frozen at minus 196 degrees centigrade, which is around minus 180 less than the average home freezer copes? Can you imagine what would happen if the labels lost adhesion or the print was unreadable. It just would not be accepted and further more the labels have to stay in the liquid nitrogen for a long time, often longer than the left over dinners!

We produce labels for use in commercial freezers for applications such as cold food storage, but these labels are unsuitable for cryogenic temperatures which require a special label which will withstand these low temperatures, good adhesion and shear resistance at low temperature when applied to both glass and treated vials. The labels can be either printed or plain and we can supply in any size and shape to individual requirements.

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