Protecting your label

Between us we have designed approved and carefully produced the perfect label for your item and the barcode has been tested for readability and does so every time. Having gone through all the stages, the last thing that you as the item supplier want is for the label to become damaged, or the barcode unreadable through handling in transit or storage in the warehouse, so what can be done to protect it.

Well applying a coat of varnish can help in many ways to not just protect your label, but also to enhance it or a section of it. Your label can be supplied with a matt or gloss varnish, or a spot varnish to highlight a particular area. This highlighting can have the effect of drawing attention to a feature of your product that is unique to you or the product, which for example could be your logo.

At Data Label we have a long experience of producing and supplying labels to the retail as well as the manufacturing sectors of business, we will therefore be very happy to discuss with you how varnishing a label can protect or highlight features on your product label. You of course will know that the label on your item is your own silent salesman and helping sell your goods.

Contact us and we will be happy to discuss your particular liable requirements, our digital label printing presses are ideally suited for the manufacture of small to large sized runs of labels, on rolls enabling us to continue to provide a solution for all your varnished labelling requirements.

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