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Advice for label buyers

There may be some important questions that need to be addressed before labels are ordered. We would need to know if you are going to print your own labels, for example we would need to know the specification of your printer; this is to ensure that the labels we supply to you are entirely compatible with your printer.

Identifying Cables

Not everyone has the ability to read a technical circuit drawing and although of course specialised technicians can do this, manufacturers of equipment that require numerous cable connection pre-empt the difficulties by attaching a cable and wire identification labels to the various wires. This can mean that even the non technical person is able to connect the equipment without either endangering themselves, others, or damaging the expensive equipment.

Peelable labels

Important information is often displayed on a label which is specifically designed to be removed and then disposed of before the item is used. These labels are used to inform a customer what to do before using the product, for example, many DVD players display a label which says that you should note that the drawer of the player will not open until the first time installation procedure has been completed. This can mean that it may have to be connected to a TV and the instruction followed on the screen.

Label Visibility

The label is a vital marketing tool as it is very often the most visible thing that the customer will have of your company and the product. This is why the visibility of the label and the appearance is extremely important for your business. However, it is not appearance alone, vital as that is, it has to serve a very practical purpose for a specific product or application.

Illustrated Labels

There are people who can find it difficult to read a label no matter how clearly this has been printed, or to what lengths the product manufacturer has gone to and make sure it is understood. A lot of people in this country have come from abroad and the more elderly have may not learned our language, relying perhaps on younger members of the family to explain instruction or read English to them. This is one reason why putting illustrated instructions on a medication or dental rinse for example can be important.

Colour Printing

We take great pride in our colour printing and are able to satisfy the most exacting standards that are demanded by a company’s design team. This can be achieved in one of two ways ether through the four primary colours using our digital printing or Pantone matching.

Reverse Printed Labels

Reverse printed labels are becoming a more common sight on items such as cosmetics and food items as these give the manufacturer more print space to advise on such things as cooking times, safety advice and with cosmetics for example product content information. The manufacturer can have a peelable label which has the company logo on the front and the product name and on the reverse when peeled away, information on the back of the label as well as further information on the label remaining on the product, so in effect the print space available has been increased substantially without increasing the size of the label.

The important cryogenic label

IVF treatment has been in the news recently and involves couples who are struggling to have a baby and there has been concerns amongst many that the guidance is too restrictive for those wanting NHS treatment, so the present situation could be about to change. The National Institute for Clinical Excellence has suggested that the treatment should be offered to couples after two years of failed attempts, not the current three and that the age limit should also be extended from 39 years up to 42 years.

Designing a stand out label

The first thing that most customers see in a shop or supermarket as they look through the many products is the label. An attractive well presented label will make the product stand out and it also can promote brand awareness which is becoming a must today with all the competing brands we see on the shelves. The brand will immediately catch the eye of the purchaser, particularly if they use the product frequently and this is just one important reason to take time in designing the label. There are several elements that go into labelling a product.

Demonstrating the importance of correct labelling

If anything has emerged from the current scandal about how horse meat has been found in many products which should be 100% pure beef, it is that correct labelling is vital if we are to have confidence in the product. Naturally we cannot and certainly would not comment about this current situation, the investigation is ongoing and no doubt we shall find out in due course just how it went wrong. However, it is pretty clear that because of the stringent rules that apply to labelling meat products’ from abattoir to producer and finally the supermarkets, authorities have been able to trace back through the food chain.