Quick guide to security labels

Security labels have become an important aspect of security systems in various different types of retail outlets in preventing goods from being stolen, and they are also used for tracking.

Types of security labels available

Security labels are available in different shapes, designs and colours. They could be made from plastic, material or metal. Hard tags generally are used on electronic devices. Soft tags are another kind available. These are used on items such as books, CDS and DVDs..

The kinds of removal devices available

Detachers or removal devices are used to take off security labels from products. It’s essential to invest in the right type so that products aren’t damaged in the label removal process.

What are detection systems?

Detection systems are equally important for security. These systems prevent products from being
stolen. The two panels on the system sense signals from the security tags and sound out an alarm if the product with the tag is within close proximity. The detection system is generally installed near the exit of a store.

Invest in security labels to keep your stock and inventory as safe as possible.

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