Barcodes on trees

We all know how important barcodes can be when used in an inventory tracking system, but it seems like their use has been expanded from retail items and business items to other sectors altogether.

Trees in Whitby are to be fitted with barcode labels as part of the town’s tree assessment and inventory programme.

In all around 20,000 trees will be fitted with aluminium barcode labels so that the council can create an easy to access database of their location, species and condition. The council will use this information so the trees can be monitored over the coming years.

Imtiaz Shaikh is the asset management supervisor for the Town of Whitby, he said:

“Next year hopefully we’ll be able to give hand-held units to our field staff so they can just scan the barcode and have all the data for that tree at their fingertips,”

“A management plan will allow us to know when trees are due for replacement, establish standards as to the proper depth and soil for planting as well as what tree types are appropriate where,”

“It will be a complete plan from the start, from placement to maintenance to replacement.”

Tree details will be documented before the two inch wide aluminium barcode labels are fitted, with things such as overall heath and structural integrity recorded by the assessment team’s field staff and an arborist.

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