Working for your business 24/7

How would you like a salesman to work for you every day of the week without pay; now that would be something wouldn’t it? Well it is possible through window stickers and these can be on cars, shops, vans, house windows, just about anywhere.

We have a lot of experience in producing window stickers for businesses, clubs, visitor attractions and more. They’re used to keep track of stock, for security and for promotion and this is where the car window sticker really comes into its own.

The stickers can be any size and shape that you want in a huge variety of colours of your choosing. We do not have to produce huge quantities of stickers either; this can be as low as just one hundred, which can be a trial for a new promotion perhaps.

The window sticker can be made to go inside or outside a window, self cling if you want to remove them and use elsewhere, or you can have them permanent. Most of the stickers we have made are for use in cars, but we have supplied them for boats, shops, and even for teenagers’ windows.

Let us know what the sticker is likely to be used for and we will advise you whether to have them supplied as single pieces, on sheets or on rolls, the most cost effective solution is on a roll. Request a quote today by calling our friendly and efficient customer care team on 01293 551520. Alternatively, fill out our quick and simple online enquiry form and we’ll call you. We’ll come straight back with a quote, and we can usually deliver within 4 working days.

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