Questions to ask yourself when you need some labels

As the buyer of labels you have been asked to order some labels for a new or existing product and will have been given some idea what the label needs to do. With this in mind we at Data Label will use our years of expertise and help you make the final choice.

Some of the questions you will need to know are what the label to be used for and what environment will it be in. The answers to these will help to determine what kind of material the label should be made from. Naturally the label on the product has to identify the item, advertise etc., as well as providing important product information.

Another question is how long the label needs to last, does it have to be hard wearing, this question is crucial as different materials vary in price and longevity. Will your labels remain in dry warehouses, are they likely to become exposed to extremes of heat or cold and will they come into contact with chemicals or oils.

Printing is important and we have the latest digital printing equipment also we can over varnish your labels if these are to be exposed to harsh conditions. Naturally your company logo can be included and we are happy to assist with artwork, or we can provide artwork for you if we have an idea how your label needs to look. Naturally we will submit this to you for approval before we proceed further.

Data Label is expert in bespoke designs of labels and we are always willing to help will all your labelling needs or questions you may have. Contact us and speak top one of our advisors, we are always happy to help.

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