Making your product stand out from the crowd

Naturally you will want your product to stand out from the rest of the competition and a label is one way that you can do it. We are all used to seeing lots of items competing on the shelves, so making your brand stand out is more important now that it may have been for many years.

A slick logo is one way and it makes it extremely easy to recognise your product from the competition, which your customers can instantly identify. Colours, whilst important in many ways are not as vital as the shape of the logo, it is true that a black and white logo is just as easy to identify as one that is in colour, especially if it is in with a multitude of colours.

Many experts will tell you that an abstract design can be very memorable; there are many which come to mind the MacDonald for example or possibly the Nike Swoosh . Your product also has to stand out and this is where bespoke printing of labels can be helpful and where colour can come into play. We all know when we see an EasyJet aircraft at an airport with their distinct pantone O21c orange colour. You can choose your distinctive pantone colour also; it really will be worth every moment of your time in this process in order to further build your brand.

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