Long lasting durable labels

Product labels do not always live in a clean environment and there are times when dirt, dust and grime can just about render a label unreadable, such as a warehouse label, or one where the product is likely come into contact with these sorts of conditions.

Taking warehouses an example, some have environments in which many labelling products simply aren’t up to the job. It is in these conditions that a label can become unreadable, fall off and this can lead to stock being misplaced if the label becomes damaged. To prevent this from happening it is necessary to have a label which is designed to withstand the rigours of these conditions and this applies particularly to labels which are fastened to pallets. Pallet barcode labels are made from 3M white or silver polyester and when these are fixed to the pallet remain they will remain in situ for as long as they are needed. The main advantage to this material is that it can be wiped clean and the dirt removed from it, also the printed information will always be readable and will not discolour.

Other labels which are perhaps used in factories, will need a more permanent labelling solution, these can include container barcode labels. These labels can be attached to just about any surface including polyethylene and polypropylene and by over-laminating on the surface of the labels, ensures that they are extremely durable and very long lasting

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