If you are considering barcodes, read this first

The barcode is a clever device and it is able to contain far more information than just the price of a product when scanned at a cash register. One of the major uses of a barcode is to identify, track, and enable stock records amongst many other uses. Identifying items easily is the main purpose of using barcode labels.

Barcode labels can be made from a variety of materials amongst which is paper, vinyl, metal and plastic. If the label is to be attached to a product it will normally require an adhesive backing, this adhesive will differ dependent upon how the product is to be stored. Will it be subject to changes in temperature or have to withstand extremes of cold or be in contact with moisture?

The data on the barcode label is stored using two basic methods, the familiar line of bars, or a series of dots know as a QR code, it is still a barcode. Irrespective of the technique used, all the data is encoded with special software, making it invisible to the naked eye and must be read by a scanner.

Whatever purpose you are considering using a barcode for, contact us and we will be pleased to discuss the numerous options that are available let you have a free quotation and samples of our barcodes if required.

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