What are the benefits of asset labels?

There are numerous times in the year of a company, when it is necessary to track the all important assets, where they are, checking on their location and condition, all made easy by the use of asset labels. The asset label is a sophisticated stock record device, but it is more than that, it will help you to track the inventory in case of a fire, theft or equipment loss. The asset labels also act as valid proof of ownership when claiming on an insurance policy.

With the asset label you will have some tracking software programmes help you to determine the location of the equipment. But more than that, it can also confirm the date of purchase of the asset, when maintenance is due; it will also keep details of any repairs that have been needed.

Your asset label can be made from a variety of materials depending on where the asset is likely to be kept. They can be of material such as like aluminium foil and polyester; these will adhere easily to most surfaces. They can be made tamper proof which is vital if the asset is in a place where it may be at risk and could be stolen. You can add a barcode to the asset label; this enables it to be quickly scanned with a portable scanning device when the information can be downloaded onto the management software, ideal for audits or for stock and inventory checks.

So the valuable asset label can be self adhesive, made from stainless steel, polyester, aluminium foil and it can be tamper proof. With the asset label you will be investing in security as well as keeping track of your equipment, which will reduce operating costs of your company.

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