A wide choice of material for your asset label

Most business today recognises the value of asset labels attached to their equipment the tiny label fastened to the back of a laptop or other piece of valuable equipment helps to keep assets safe and secure. However, we are often asked which kind of material the asset label or tag should be made from and we are always happy to guide buyers through the process.

There are of course varying sizes of asset label dependent upon the purpose and type of equipment. Many companies prefer to add their logo and name to the asset label, together with barcodes and possibly a numbered sequence. Naturally having spent money on the set up process, you want the label to withstand the environment into which it is placed, so here are the materials which we would recommend for you.

Polyester labels have an extra layer of laminate over the barcode lines and the numbers. This prevents smudging, scraping and the label being peeled off. The polyester type of label is the most durable and can withstand most conditions.

A different kind of asset label is a void label which has a special adhesive and if it is tampered with the word “VOID” appears. These labels cannot be removed and fixed to another product; excellent for a product that has a warranty which becomes invalid if it’s opened or tampered with. A similar product to the void label the destructible label breaks into pieces when someone tries to tamper with it.

For a product which can come into contact with dirt environments, harsh chemicals and rough handling the aluminium label is the answer to this. It has to be said that these labels are virtually indestructible and shrug off just about anything thrown at them.

Stock taking made easier

Never a thing that any business looks forward to, but it is not possible to run a business efficiently and above all know if it is profitable without undertaking a stock take at least one a year, well run business will do it more than that. Depending upon the necessity for totally accuracy or a close approximation, will determine when the stock take takes place. For most business, this is undertaken after trading has ceased for the day.

Stock taking for accounting purposes is undertaken by physical count or today it can be done through utilising barcode technology. Barcodes operating with a database can also be used to see at a glance which are the best selling lines and which ones are slow sellers, this can be valuable in stock ordering and ensuring that cash is not tied up with items which only sell occasionally and it serves little purpose in keeping large stocks of them.

Barcodes are also invaluable when it come to inventory checking, combined with an asset tag equipment can be located and computers, printers, Xerox machines, fax machines, office furniture and electrical appliances are protected and easily identified. Using asset tags is a simple procedure, and they are also a cost-effective method of identifying, tracking and preserving an organisation’s property.

Barcodes are the 21st century way of checking stock, ensuring that equipment is located and it is also serviced as required in order to keep it working efficiently. Contact us and we will be happy to discuss how barcodes, together with asset tags can keep you ahead of your competitors in today’s business world.

A simple and effective marketing tool

The size of the company is not relevant and to some degree the type of organisation either, marketing is the one tool that is vital to any operation. With competitiveness at its peak every organisation needs to devise new ways of attracting attention. Even if the brand is well established and a household name, they need to constantly market and promote themselves to keep up with others in the industry.

For those with a limited marketing budget, smaller things matter a lot and we are aware that custom labels are a good example of this. You will find that custom labels are so versatile you can use your labels on virtually any product you can think of. Devising a good marketing strategy that maximises the potential of custom labels is obviously important to ensure that your brand is instantly recognisable, so it is essential that your products have appropriate custom labels stuck on them.

There are many ways in which you can use custom labels as a marketing technique, promotional give away; attached to correspondence is another example, the custom label is a great marketing and advertising tool for your company. Custom label your silent salesman always working for you.

A variety of uses for asset tags in business

Businesses should always have smart and effective tools to track their inventory items and supplies and one of the simplest is to use asset tags, a sure way to safeguard valuable items against thefts and misplacements. Asset tags can also help businesses know about the specifications, age and servicing requirements or PAT requirements. These features make asset tags the perfect tool to ensure the safety of their inventory items.
Asset tags can take be from a wide variety of materials according to the location and use of the valuable item. These labels are constructed from different materials such as plastic, metal and paper. Asset tags can also be customised to suit the specific needs of a company. As the adhesives used in asset tags are strong, their replacement and removal is designed to be extremely difficult. This is a great security measure that greatly helps to minimise the chances of assets getting stolen or misplaced.

Customised asset tags

Based on the level of security a company needs, asset tags and barcode labels can be customised in several different ways. For instance, manufacturers can add their company name and logo on these asset labels. This will greatly help businesses identify their assets.
When combined with a powerful database to record information, asset tags can prove to be an invaluable tool to record the data on the tags itself. Barcode labels can also be used for protecting assets, maintaining inventories and to minimise the operational costs of business organisations.

Time To Reflect?

The festive season is now behind us and for many the sales period is in full swing, some may be hoping that the traditional January sales will bring some relief, if the Christmas period was disappointing. So for many businesses, this may be a good time to reflect and consider if there could be way in which the business may have benefited by using some different technology, or looking at way to sort out problems that could have occurred at the point of sale.

Were the scanners reading the barcodes at each and every pass, or did a few misreading codes hold up proceedings? If this is the case, were the codes damaged, could they have benefitted from over laminating or was it the printing that had become obscured? At Data Label, we have a wealth of experience in barcoding and will be able to offer solutions to most of the problems that could occur at the point of sale, we will be happy to discuss with you the very best of barcoding for just about every problem that a product may encounter when leaving your premises before arriving safely at the customer destination.

With in excess of over 25 years we have produced labels of every description and we have, today, the best in digital printing equipment which allows us to produce barcode labels that will never let you down at point of sale. Please visit the Data Label website,www.data-label.co.uk, email us at sales@datalabel.co.uk or give us a call on 01293 551520 and we’ll be glad to answer any questions.

Custom security and barcode labels

We are used to seeing barcode labels on just about every product; their use has grown to unprecedented heights. We now take this simple series of lines for granted and we have come to rely on it, particularly in business.

Just as barcode labels have had a huge impact on the market; custom labels are also now starting to make an impact into business lives. We have seen how custom barcode labels can and do provide the label with the all important brand identity, this has, over a period of time, lifted the humble barcode from being a functional item to one which is sending out a marketing message.

By using a custom label, your brand awareness will be certainly improved, and your own brand awareness will be lifted as all the labels can be printed with your brand name. Other things such as graphics or messages can also be put on the custom labels.

We offer a huge variety of custom labels which includes personalised labels, custom printed labels, labels made from different materials and labels of different sizes and shapes. Contact one of our advisors, we can help you in choosing a custom label and run through the range of options, we have a custom label that will be just right for you.

Asset Label information

We have seen how an asset labels can be invaluable to business to ensure that computers, printers, Xerox machines, fax machines, office furniture and electrical appliances are protected and easily identified. Using asset tags is a simple procedure, and they are also a cost-effective method of identifying, tracking and preserving an organisation’s property.

The loss of an asset can really have a negative impact on the finances of a company, so it is necessary that managers make the best use of things of value to the organisation. The label or tag is fitted to the item and it is essential that the adhesive is strong enough to ensure that it will not peel off, otherwise it becomes worthless.

However just what can be printed on an asset label? Well it is almost unlimited but the major items would be: Barcode information, Serial or part number, Marketing copy, The company name and logo if preferred, Safety information, Perhaps some details of the product, or what it contains.

With very few restrictions on what can be printed on an asset label, it becomes clear that tasks such as stock taking become very much easier; simply scan the asset label and the information is transferred to the company data base.

If you believe that asset tags can help on your business, contact us and we will be happy to talk you through the full range of benefits asset tags can bring to your company.

Working for your business 24/7

How would you like a salesman to work for you every day of the week without pay; now that would be something wouldn’t it? Well it is possible through window stickers and these can be on cars, shops, vans, house windows, just about anywhere.

We have a lot of experience in producing window stickers for businesses, clubs, visitor attractions and more. They’re used to keep track of stock, for security and for promotion and this is where the car window sticker really comes into its own.

The stickers can be any size and shape that you want in a huge variety of colours of your choosing. We do not have to produce huge quantities of stickers either; this can be as low as just one hundred, which can be a trial for a new promotion perhaps.

The window sticker can be made to go inside or outside a window, self cling if you want to remove them and use elsewhere, or you can have them permanent. Most of the stickers we have made are for use in cars, but we have supplied them for boats, shops, and even for teenagers’ windows.

Let us know what the sticker is likely to be used for and we will advise you whether to have them supplied as single pieces, on sheets or on rolls, the most cost effective solution is on a roll. Request a quote today by calling our friendly and efficient customer care team on 01293 551520. Alternatively, fill out our quick and simple online enquiry form and we’ll call you. We’ll come straight back with a quote, and we can usually deliver within 4 working days.

Basic uses for the barcode

We are all familiar with the barcode, it is on just about every conceivable product that has been made for many years now, and so familiar is it to us all that most of us do not even notice it any more. However, how many people realise the numerous functions that can be performed with the barcode? Put simply, barcodes have become part of our everyday lives.

So what, apart from the familiar pricing information we see at the cash register does the barcode do? They can be used for the identification of property or important documents as an example. This way they are the ideal way to track inventory or stock movement. They can even be used between departments or organisations, possibly to monitor the life cycle of a product is another use for the barcode.

What we do know is that by using barcodes greatly reduces the amount of data errors; no longer do we have to rely upon the human form of entry by hand into registers, computers or manuals. When a barcode is read by a scanner the data in a database is updated automatically, very cost effective and a way which will reduce man hours and business overheads greatly.

By using a simple hand held scanner anyone who needs to access the data held on the barcode is able to have this information easily and quickly, a sure way to improve business efficiency. Systems which have barcodes can provide up-to-the-minute information about numerous things and they are to hand in the blink of the scanner.

Asset Tracking

The effect of the recession has meant that many companies are delaying the purchase of new equipment until such time as finances improve. Whilst spending money on asset labelling and tracking might seem to be an expense that a business could well do without, but in the long run it could prove to be very helpful in saving money.

If the decision has been made to postpone the purchase or replacement of existing assets, it might be a good idea to conduct an equipment audit in order to prevent any items or goods from being stolen or misplaced. This also serves a dual function of analysing the security of the business and taking additional measures if they are needed.

Asset labels are a simple tool that can be used to record as well as identifying valuable business equipment. These asset labels are a valuable tool when performing auditing of all the business equipment, helping to keep track of all the company’s goods. The printing of asset labels can be done on aluminium foils and polyester material both of these are very durable materials and can be attached to almost any surface. There are also some asset labels which leave a ‘void’ mark indicating that the label has been tampered with.

Asset labelling and tracking programmes increase the efficiency of organisations, which through them help to determine exactly which piece of equipment is where at any given point in time. The tracking programme also keeps track of useful information such as date of purchase, repairs and maintenance.

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