Identify products using warehouse barcode labels

Different kinds of barcode labels are required for different purposes. Even within a particular kind of goods handling environment there are many different labels available for different needs. Warehouses are one such type of work environment.

Depending on the kind of storage items and the requirements the barcode labels can be divided into the types discussed below.

Reflective labels

These kinds of labels are made from metal. They have a series of barcodes which can be read from a distance. For this purpose they are made quite large in size.

Floor labels

As the name suggests, these labels are placed on the floor. To make sure they last a long time, strong adhesives are used to stick them to the floor. They are also made-up of metals like aluminum or steel since a warehouse floor suffers heavy wear and tear due to traffic.

Pallet labels

These are the most common type of labels used in any warehouse. They tag crates which are used to carry goods from one place to another. These are also made of tough metals so that they can withstand the wear and tear.

Location labels

These are usually stuck to shelves. They have pre-programmed numeric codes which identify and locate specific items. The numeric codes are known only to the person who is in charge of the warehouse.

The codes in a label are printed using thermal transfer printers. Every barcode label has an alphanumeric code which is set according to the warehouse owner’s orders.

Security labels and their importance to the retail industry

Security labels are fast becoming a necessity in stores and warehouses as the number of thefts and shoplifting cases are on the rise. If you are wondering how these security labels do that, then read on.

How these security labels protect you from losses

An electronic device is used which emits high-frequency radio signals in the entire store or warehouse. These signals are emitted all the time. The security label on a particular product sets off an alarm at the exit of the store if a customer tries to get out of the store without paying for it. This saves you from even the smallest of losses you would otherwise face.

Why one should use security labels

These labels are most suited if you deal in small items like CDs, DVDs or cosmetic products. Security labels become a necessity for such products as they are easy to conceal. When a product is purchased, the label is deactivated using super-charged magnets. The magnet neutralises the signal and gives out a beep which indicates that the label is deactivated. This system is prevalent in many stores using asset tags.

These asset tags can be custom-made which gives the store owners complete freedom to get tags that suit their logo colour and brand style. Patented technology is used by a number of online shops that deal in asset tags and security labels.

These tags are very cost-efficient in spite of being customised according to customer needs. They do a great job to boost a brand name and bring in more revenue on a larger level.

The numerous benefits of opting for asset tags for your business

In this era of uncertainty, it is advisable to prepare yourself for the worst case scenario. If you own a business and would like to protect your valuables, you would be better off with asset tags. These asset tags will help you in identifying, tracking and keeping a record of your inventories, while helping to prevent thefts.

If you are looking to protect your valuables with the help of asset tags, it is important to consider the benefits.

Track lost items with ease

Why spend money on replacing lost items when you can simply track them with the help of asset tags? Computerised tagging and asset labelling is something that will help you manage and locate your valuables with ease.

The tracking of inventories

The lending and borrowing of items is not uncommon in today’s world. With the help of asset tags, you can identify the location of your valuables so that they are not misplaced or stolen. Asset labels make this process much more efficient to co-ordinate.

Theft deterrents

An ID or security tag is sure to deter most thieves from targeting your products. This is because with the changing times, technology has advanced and hence tracking becomes easier. At the same time, even if someone tries to tamper with the label, the asset tag will leave a ‘VOID’ mark, thereby making the product unattractive to potential buyers.

Reduced insurance premiums

Asset tagging will portray a positive image of your company thereby increasing the chances of you being offered discounts by the insurance company.

There are many different kinds of asset tags available in the market. It is important to identify the one that suits the needs and requirements of your business.

Asset labels and their importance

Labels are a part of our lives these days. These labels help a consumer, or a customer to recognise a brand. Labels carry reputation and are a very important part of marketing.

Asset labels are used for identification of a product or an asset. Asset labels can be used for different requirements, for personal use, commercial use or industrial use. Usually asset labels carry a certain piece of information about a product and manufacturer.

Industrial uses of asset labels

Asset labels come in a wide range of types. Industries use asset tags for identification of machines and parts of these machines. Asset labels help to keep a track of those assets which are missing and those which are being used.

Personal uses of asset labels

You can also label your personal belongings using asset tags. Some labels are permanent and some can be removed at a later date if needed. People usually think that the cost of asset labels is prohibitive. However these asset tags are relatively cheap.

Looking to implement barcode systems for asset management? Read on

If you are looking to streamline asset tracking, employing a barcode system is an ideal choice. With the help of barcode labels, you can control, count and keep track of your inventory with ease. These tags ensure the efficient functioning of your business and helps with the optimum utilisation of your assets.
Refer to the various advantages of asset tags prior to opting for a specific type.

Enhanced data integrity

With the help of a barcode asset management system, an enhanced level of data integrity and consistency is maintained. This is because unlike the manual system of data management, a barcode asset management system uses electronic readers to read the asset tags, thereby eliminating human error, data loss and data redundancy.

Immediate access to the location of your asset

A barcode asset management system helps businesses to maintain a proper inventory of their valuables. As soon as the information pertaining to the valuables is stored in the database, it becomes easier for the businesses to track, update and maintain service history.

Increased efficiency

With the help of a barcode asset management system, faster and more accurate data capture is possible. The automation of the asset lifestyle process becomes simple and human error is negligible.

Faster delivery of goods

Better customer service and faster delivery of goods is possible by using a barcode asset management system. This system ensures the seamless integration of processes relating to the delivery of goods, thereby making transit faster and easier.

With the help of a barcode asset management system, businesses can leverage their assets and achieve higher profits.

The economic benefits of opting for custom labels

The use of custom labels on various valuable items and inventory belonging to a company is not uncommon. There are many benefits involved in the use of custom labels. This guide will mention some of the common ones.

Why opt for custom labels?

The term ‘economic benefit’ is usually associated with net income, cash flow and the revenue of your company. Economic benefits are considered to be a long term goal when it comes to running a business.

Create an identity with the help of custom labels

You can create an identity for your business with the help of custom labels. These labels can also be used to identify similar products of the same identity. By using attractive designs or logos, you can create a trademark for your products.

The different varieties of custom labels

There are many different kinds of custom labels available in the market. Some of the common ones include custom decals, personalised labels and custom printed labels. Consider the needs and requirements of your business prior to opting for a specific type of custom label.

More than just a label

The most notable benefit of using custom labels is the fact that you can use them the way you want. For example, custom labels can be used to impart important data about the product which can include the year of packaging and the expiry date.

Cost efficient

Custom labels are cost efficient compared to the other labels. You can order custom labels in bulk and still pay the same amount as you would pay for a couple of printed labels. This is beneficial for companies that follow a tight budget.

If you are looking for custom labels for your business, it is important to identify your needs as well as requirements.

Want to know more about the benefits and uses of asset tags? Read on

The role of asset tags is often undermined by businesses. These tags play a major role when it comes to managing an inventory and keeping a record of the location of specific valuables. There are many different kinds of asset tags available in the market.

If you are looking for the benefits of asset tags, then refer to the guidelines mentioned below.

Instant access to inventory

One of the most notable benefits of using asset tags is that they allow instant access to the location of goods and inventory that is usually stored in bulk. These tags are stamped with an identifier that allows the business owner to identify and select a specific type of equipment. With the help of computerised asset tags, you can also identify the location of a specific valuable thereby making it easier for employees.

Prevention of theft

Another notable benefit of using asset tags is that they deter thieves from targeting your valuables. It is for this reason that you need to tag your valuables in order to safeguard your equipment and reduce the losses faced by your company in the replacement of stolen goods.

Proof of ownership

Several insurance firms ask for proof of ownership before allocating insurance cover. Asset tags can be considered as an ideal proof of ownership.

Consider the aforementioned benefits prior to opting for asset tags.

Track and protect your valuable assets with asset tagging

Asset tagging is a great way to track and identify your assets. Most business organisations use asset labels to stick on their assets so they can be identified. Whether it is a reference number or a product, asset tags help to label different assets.

There are many items that need permanent labelling. For instance, the chassis number on a car is permanent. Heavy assets like machinery, tools and other equipment also require asset labels. These labels are available in different colours and shapes. Whether you want asset labels for indoor or outdoor items, you can always find one which will cater to your needs. Some asset label manufacturers also allow you to customise the label based on your specifications.

Why businesses prefer asset tags

Asset tags play a vital role when there are different items to be tracked. The low cost nature and effectiveness of finding assets are the major reasons for the increasing popularity of asset labels. With asset labels, managing your inventory items becomes quite easy. Most asset tag manufacturers sell a variety of asset labels that can be used in different scenarios.

You can even add the company details like logo or name on your asset tags. With properly tagged assets, you can easily avoid mismanagement of the items you own. Whether you have a retail store or a warehouse, using asset tags is a great solution for tracking and recognising your assets.

Looking to use barcode labels on university computers and laptops? Read on

The use of barcode labels has become common in recent times. With increasing thefts and tampering, it is highly recommended that you use barcode labels to mark your valuable equipment.

Why use barcode labels?

As mentioned earlier, barcode labels help in identifying your products. These tags also keep a record of your valuables and make it easier to locate them when needed. With the help of computerised labels, you can identify the location of your equipment in the comfort of your office.

If you are planning to attach asset labels to your university computers and laptops, refer to the tips given below.

Tip 1: Find an appropriate location for the asset tags

Usually, computers and other electronic items are tagged right at the back of the device. It is advisable to place the asset tags at the same side for all the computers as it will be convenient during inventory and replacement.

Tip 2: Prepare the surface before tagging the computer

It is important to understand that surface preparation is one of the most important aspects when it comes to asset tagging computers and other electronic gadgets. Ensure that the spot you choose is cleaned properly. Get rid of fingerprints and dust particles as these will affect the effectiveness of the adhesion. A clean surface is critical when it comes to asset tagging.

Tip 3: Choose from the different types of asset tags

There are many different types of asset tags available on the market. You can opt for asset tags with custom name fields, different colours and other unique variables. You can also use a specific colour for computers that are more valuable than others.

Three top benefits of using asset tags

Asset tags are an excellent tool for keeping track of your inventory. They are nothing but small metal strips which are overlaid with the necessary information for tagging a product. The tag is then pasted on to the product with semi-permanent glue. These tags can be removed only by using the appropriate tools when the item has to be put up for sale.

Used by private as well as government organisations

Asset tags are used for a number of purposes by private companies, government agencies or individuals for personal reasons. Tags come in many varieties and types. They can be designed for indoor or outdoor usage as per the requirement of the product and client.

Easy inventory control and data collection

Asset tags are a big help in accounting and management systems. These systems hold the power over who posses the asset or where it is located. These tags present a great advantage in terms of security as they allow the client to use tracking methods to recover lost goods. They can be used for getting accurate data that allows a company make the necessary decisions to maximise their output.

Barcode labels use state of the art technology

Barcode labels apply the latest technologies for tracking, with a method that is linked to GPS systems. They are able to tell you the exact position of an item and its destination. They also employ the use of better holograms which offer better identification.

These asset tags are also cost-efficient while giving you so many benefits. They help by enhancing identification, inventory control, tracking and data collection systems.