The easy way to order labels

At Data Label we do everything that we can to make your job of buying labels for your products as easy as it can possibly be. If your product is a new one or you have not ordered a product label or barcode previously we can help you through the process.

Tell us what the label is to be used for ten we will be able to suggest the best type of adhesive to use, easy peelable, or a permanent adhesive, very low temperatures, under water, we have an adhesive that will withstand just about everything thrown at it. We will suggest protection for the label if it is likely to be subject to a lot of handling or subject to adverse storage, extreme heat, or cold.

Printing is important and depending upon the environment and length of time the label will be displayed can affect the type of print that we would suggest. For example, thermal direct printing does have a tendency to be sensitive to heat and light, but we can offer an alternative if this is the case.

Artwork is not a problem either, if you do not have your own artwork we can supply this for you, just send us a rough sketch and we will provide proofs for you to approve and make any amendments that you may require.

Naturally we will always give you a quotation and although we can do very short runs, if for example it is a trail product, but there will be a minimum charge of £45.00 for this. Naturally, the longer the label run the cheaper the unit price becomes.

Contact us by telephone at 01293 551 or complete the enquiry form at our web page and will be happy to get a quotation to you quickly.

Track & Trace

We have all probably used the service at some time and it is now widely used in the parcel delivery and mail services. There are various methods used for tracking an item, but increasingly the use of the barcode when the item finally reaches the destination is used by both couriers and the Royal Mail to indicate to the sender that the item has been safely delivered.

The same technology can be applied to stock and warehouse control and a useful tool for keeping assets safe, secure and traceable. This is achieved by having a database which records each and every item together with the location of the asset. Another positive advantage is where the item is an electrical or electronic device and by law needs to be checked for safety. This is achieved by having a filter which will clearly indicate which items are due for test or are out of date, ensuring that all equipment is safe.

Our modern asset tags can be supplied with a barcode and this will make tracking of valuable assets easier. Simply scan the code and you will quickly locate the item. Stock taking in most organisations is an annual event that over the last few years has become a lot easier, thanks to the use of asset tags. The barcode on the item can have location, value, and a description if needed. Tracking and tracing in today’s modern company is the way forward.

The smartphone is the new scanner

An increasing number of people, particularly in the United States are using their mobile phones for the task of scanning QR codes and in many cases UPC barcode labels. The use of mobiles for this is popular as it can give the user lots of information about a product, or indeed a company before a decision is made to buy an item and the trend is gathering momentum here too.

Naturally before you can use the smartphone to scan, you have to have the right sort of app installed onto your ‘phone and these are available from a number of companies. These are available for both iPhone and android devices and the numbers of people who are downloading the reading apps is growing daily.

This applies here in the UK and the tech minded public are making full use of that the smartphone gives to them. There is absolutely no reason why companies should not use both a barcode and a QR code on the product, this gives the best of both worlds for information about the item as well as directing the customer to a specific web site, sales pitch or telephone help can all be included.

Labels that stay on in the coldest of environments

We have all done it at some time or another, prepared a meal and had a couple of portions left over and frozen them for use another day, only to find that the neat little label that we put on has come off and we haven’t an idea what is in the plastic box.

So how do you think that the label that is stuck onto the human eggs, or sperm and then placed onto a liquid nitrogen container and frozen at minus 196 degrees centigrade, which is around minus 180 less than the average home freezer copes? Can you imagine what would happen if the labels lost adhesion or the print was unreadable. It just would not be accepted and further more the labels have to stay in the liquid nitrogen for a long time, often longer than the left over dinners!

We produce labels for use in commercial freezers for applications such as cold food storage, but these labels are unsuitable for cryogenic temperatures which require a special label which will withstand these low temperatures, good adhesion and shear resistance at low temperature when applied to both glass and treated vials. The labels can be either printed or plain and we can supply in any size and shape to individual requirements.

Changing offices made easier

We are not trying to suggest that moving into new business premises is easy, it never is and like moving home it can cause a lot of stress. However, there are things which can take some of the stress away from moving and we would always recommend that a professional business removal expert is used and not Joe down the road with his Transit van!

Another sure fire way of helping is the use of asset tags on your equipment, this will leave you somewhat amazed that moving equipment between departments or even moving an entire office can be easier.

By attaching asset tags to all your equipment they will soon show their versatility and worth when you are moving office. If equipment such as computers, monitors, furniture, water coolers and even documentation is all properly labelled, your assets will be protected and you’ll be able to relocate them easily.

This alone is a benefit to having asset tags attached to your equipment, but they will also act as a theft deterrent and have seals which if broken alert the owner that the item has been tampered with. Asset tags will thus make your move to a new office quicker, easy and help employees become at home as they will see all the equipment they are used to.

Which thermal printing should I use?

Labels that use thermal printing are produced for a specific purpose; we offer two distinct kinds of thermal printing, transfer and direct and there are some variations of these, the way that these differ is that thermal transfer has a ribbon and thermal direct does not.

Usually thermal transfer is the more commonly used one and it is ideal for use when barcodes are needed. Experience has shown that thermal transfer has a longer shelf life than making it ideal for use in product labelling as well as addressing. On the other hand, the use of thermal direct printing would only be recommended for a product that was to be used indoor and it has been considered to be best for temporary labelling of items. It is only recommended for use in items which will not be subject to sunlight, heat or certain UV lighting. If exposed to these the labels will turn black in colour rendering them useless.

If you need any advice on which kind of thermal printing would be best for your product, the type of adhesive, or material, we will be happy to discuss this with you and advise accordingly.

The new website is working well

It is coming up to two years since we launched our new website and from feedback that we have received in the intervening time, it looks as though this is working well for both our existing customers and the many new ones that have come to us.

From the comments that we have received, finding examples of what you, the customer wants, is easier than previously, finding the new site easier to navigate, with a crisp appearance and a wide appeal.

Using the web pages you can see at a glance many of the items that we produce, which enables us to give you a quick quotation, or to send samples of our work.

We have the very latest HP Indigo digital print technology, which enables us to accurately colour print and Pantone colour match labels on a number of different materials. Your labels can be supplied in one or full colours and we have an excellent in house art studio that will produce basic artwork which will be included in the price of the label.

Drawing on the advice of people who have been in the label business for nearly 50 yeras, you can be assured that you will not only get your labels looking precisely as you want them to be, but all within a guaranteed time slot, which for most products is three days.

Contact us using the web page, or we will be happy to discuss your requirements by telephone; at your service at Data Label!

Adding a barcode to an existing label

The barcode is one of the great inventions of our time and we are all used to seeing them at work every time we go shopping as they are swiped at the checkout area. However, the barcode is not just a very useful tool for the retailer that allows him to identify the price of an object at the cash point; it can be used for a great variety of other things.

They are also used for inventory tracking and are used expensively in the parcel delivery service by multi-national companies the world over. This is where the inexpensive after market barcode label will come in to its own. We are all used to seeing the thick and thin parallel lines which can be interpreted by a barcode scanner so that a unique code or reference can be used to attach other information to it.

It is these cheap to buy aftermarket labels which can be used to provide an effective way of adding a unique identifier to a product or package. The labels can be of any number of shapes and sizes with a simple sticky backing and they usefully can be provided either on a roll or a sheet.

If the item is likely to be subject to rubbing or water contamination, we have a number of other options which we will be happy to discuss with you and quantities do not present a problem, we are able to supply a small amount or a long run. Simply contact us for a quick quotation and your aftermarket barcodes can be with you within just a few days.

Protecting your label

Between us we have designed approved and carefully produced the perfect label for your item and the barcode has been tested for readability and does so every time. Having gone through all the stages, the last thing that you as the item supplier want is for the label to become damaged, or the barcode unreadable through handling in transit or storage in the warehouse, so what can be done to protect it.

Well applying a coat of varnish can help in many ways to not just protect your label, but also to enhance it or a section of it. Your label can be supplied with a matt or gloss varnish, or a spot varnish to highlight a particular area. This highlighting can have the effect of drawing attention to a feature of your product that is unique to you or the product, which for example could be your logo.

At Data Label we have a long experience of producing and supplying labels to the retail as well as the manufacturing sectors of business, we will therefore be very happy to discuss with you how varnishing a label can protect or highlight features on your product label. You of course will know that the label on your item is your own silent salesman and helping sell your goods.

Contact us and we will be happy to discuss your particular liable requirements, our digital label printing presses are ideally suited for the manufacture of small to large sized runs of labels, on rolls enabling us to continue to provide a solution for all your varnished labelling requirements.

DataLabel Giving The Best Customer Service

If you want a quotation for a product label, barcode, vinyl sticker, or an asset tag, by telling us a few things will make it easier for us to get the quotation to you quickly and possibly we may be able to suggest alternatives that could put you ahead of the competition.

Naturally as with most things we buy, the quantity can affect the final price, maybe you would like a small quantity to trial a product. We can oblige, although as we are sure you will understand, we have a minimum charge to set up and print.

The size of the label can also affect the final price and we will be happy to advise you if a smaller one could still give you the label that you need. We can always provide artwork, but we would need to know beforehand what the label is to be use for and also be given a rough sketch of the way you would like the finished label to look like.

Tell us in advance where the product is to be used, how it will be stored and any adverse conditions that it is likely to encounter. Wet, extreme temperatures rough handling, anything that could possibly cause damage to the label. The more information that you can give us the faster the quotation will be with you and the label will be certain to be fit for purpose.

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