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A label is a label is it not?

Well the answer to that can be an emphatic no as there is more to a label than just a piece of information about a product, or showing a barcode. Labels in marketing can be found and used for many purposes and the use of a clever designer, or team of designers will create attractive labels as this provides a distinct identity to the products which are displayed. The label will usually display a company name or a logo and will convey a distinct message and try to make the product alluring to a prospective customer, and clearly distinguish that companies product from that of a competitor.

Digital Label Printing

For many, digital label printing is a costly laborious process when compared to the traditional method of printing, but here at Data Label we do not think that way. We are all for digital printing because it means that we know that brands both large and small can benefit from this technology. For small, or brands which are just emerging, with the help of our creative design teams, they can have an eye appeal and as much presence as the big names. We are not suggesting that digital printing is less expensive than the conventional way, but what it does give is amazing value for money and it allows those with smaller budgets to get a lot more for their money and tooling cost can be lower too.

The label is one of the focal points of a package

A label is more than likely to be the one visible reminder a customer has of you and your product, and this is one of the main reasons why the quality of the label is as important as the data or message that it is carrying. But appearance alone doesn’t define the quality of a label. A label must serve a practical purpose for a specific application, at DataLabel we produce the many custom labels that are used across industry for items such as: product identification, shipment addressing, bar codes, work-in-process, inventory control, pricing, promotional, and many other purposes.

A new label to save consumers money

A novel and new way to use a label is to be introduced by The Department for Energy and Climate Change (DECC) and John Lewis, who will introduce a product-labeling trial next year that shows the lifetime running costs of household appliances, so simple you wonder why this label has not been in use before now. Earlier trials in Norway have shown that when consumers see the running costs as well as the initial cost of a product they are more likely to buy energy efficient models and now John Lewis is to begin using a label on goods such as washing machines, washer dryers and tumble dryers.

Labelling Solutions

There is a label to suit every product and Datalabel can find the right solution for just about every conceivable problem we have been challenged with. We have an extensive selection of self adhesive labels for example and these can be produces matt, semi gloss, high gloss and direct thermal papers. Add to that adhesives which are available to suit a variety of purposes, whether this is permanent suitable for the most difficult of surfaces to stick to, removable, adhesive labels for freezers product used in the food industry or even if to be used outdoors.

Some roles of Barcode Labels

If you imagine that barcodes are used only on products that are sold in shops and supermarkets, you would be rather off the mark. These labels are used for many purposes as they are small but can carry lots of information not just a price of the item, can be easily scanned in restricted spaces in necessary.

Pricing of products is the most obvious and they also know the price of the product and avoid intentional or un-intentional mistake at the cash point.

Label Design

Getting an outstanding design in a label is important; it is your company’s image and this is why DataLabel will always send a true colour proof using an inkjet printer for you to approve and comment upon. The first step for production of your label is the artwork and no matter if the design is simple or complicated this can be accurately reproduced. We are able to support a number of formats and we can reproduce engineering drawings, or work from simple sketches sent to you to check, approve or request changes, the completed artwork is always sent to you for approval. You may wish to use your own artwork and this can be accommodated, the best way for this to be submitted is through email, but we can work from a disc.

Labelling and Identification

A business cannot be efficient and is on the road to failure if it has no idea what stock it has, what is in the inventory, the value of its assets. Today, this is where modern labelling in the form of an effective barcode-based data collection, asset management, workflow management, work-in-process, and supply chain or inventory management system is how a modern business would operate.
However, it is vital that each item is properly labelled; otherwise the effectiveness of the system is likely to be unreliable. Getting advice on how products and assets are best labelled is normally down to the expertise of specialist companies, they will be able to help with labelling and identification solutions. This would include barcode label design and printing, asset labelling and tagging, mobile label printing, to name a few.

Barcodes for patient identification

The use of barcode technology for patient identification is a growing trend at many hospitals and the data stored on the barcode label can hold a lot of useful information outside of the patient’s name, address, date of birth for example. Important information such as allergies, blood groups and admission data can be easily and quickly stored using General Practioners records in advance of a patient’s admission to hospital for routine examination or surgery.

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