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What are vinyl labels?

Well these are basically a sticky label and without them today it would be hard to imagine life in the retail sector and pharmaceutical industry which relies heavily upon them. Take a look in your cupboard or along a supermarket shelf and there you will see vinyl labels of every description. To make these vinyl labels requires a printing process to describe the contents or to communicate other information such as instruction for use of the product and these are fitted to the package or jar. To produce these labels the graphics or printed word is applied on a thin film which and then an adhesive is applied. This can be a permanent or easy peel, freezer proof and can be produced either in the standard matt finish, or given a high gloss finish, which also acts as a protective film, and helps add a level of protection against moisture.

What are asset labels?

Asset labels are an incredibly valuable item to ensure that the company assets are monitored and tracked. With asset labels physical record-keeping is cut to a minimum and helps to reduce or even cut out human error which in itself improves the accuracy of your documentation.

PPI Labels

Do you use Printed Postage Impressions, known as PPIs, if so and you have old stocks of these please be aware that from the beginning of this month they will no longer be accepted and you will have to change to the new larger sizes.

Custom Labels

Customising a product through a label can be the very best marketing tool in the box and at the top of this is the design making it unique, which will set your product apart from the crowd, but setting about the design can be challenging. The best designs are usually the simplest and you only have to look around at some of the world’s most recognisable trademarks and you will see what we mean and you will find that most of them are very simple.

Custom and Pre-printed Labels

If your labeling needs go beyond stock label products, we usually can meet even the most demanding of customer requirements. DataLabel is an expert at producing custom labels and tags for practically any application, including harsh or extreme environments, temperatures or performance requirements.

Labels and their uses

Labels are usually used to identify objects or items and these can be made of most materials such as paper backed by adhesive, plain paper, metal, cloth or polymer. Today we find that most labels are created using digital printing. Labels can vary from exotic to simple and may contain just sufficient to identify the product or maybe the person who is wearing an identity label. Labels are used as name tags, product identification, advertising, other communication and to display warnings.

Parcel Tracking Labels

A fast growing service now that more people are using online shopping is the use of tracking labels, which are usually of the barcode variety. Normally we would supply these as a self adhesive product, using a vinyl over laminated and would be consecutively bar-coded to attach to a parcel on dispatch, with the information stored on computer and tracked throughout its delivery phases.

QR Code Labels

They are now popping up everywhere; QR or quick response codes which are designed to make life easier and to provide customers with a quick method of accessing information about your company or product. You will find them on posters, magazines, newspapers products, and the internet; today increasingly airlines are utilising the QR code instead of the familiar boarding pass.

Food and Bottle labels

Food labels have a basic function; they must tempt your customers towards that particular food item. The material you select for your labels must be of high quality and appealing. There is a wide choice of custom die shapes available for custom food labels and we have many stock cutters in a variety of shapes and sizes. Food labels must be durable, versatile and have uniqueness, be able to withstand with all changes in environment like moisture, sunlight, temperature and of course meet legal requirements concerning information on how must it be stored in what type of climate, use by dates etcetera, additionally it has to have clear product information as well as benefits.

Short label runs

A question that we have been asked on a number of occasions is will you do a short label printing run for us? Usually this can be for a special one off product, or perhaps it could be a self adhesive label for a return address for example, it is no problem to us although we have to impose a minimum charge for a run and at the moment it is £45.00.

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