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Thermal printed barcode labels

A question that we are often asked is “what is thermal printing” and the answer is that this is  a method that is often preferred when producing barcode labels. Barcode printers use either direct thermal or thermal transfer techniques to apply ink to labels. Put simply a thermal printer is a non impact printer which works by using a print head which contains a lot of small heating pins that on contact, effectively burn dots onto special coated paper.

A few things to consider when ordering labels

We can get a quotation to you quickly, but usually the more information we have to hand, the quicker the label pricing will be with you. It is helpful if we know what the label is to be used for, that way we can suggest the bets material, adhesive or whether it will need extra protection such as varnishing following printing.

Producing barcode labels

DataLabel has been producing barcode labels for many years and we are familiar with all the necessary procedures that must be employed if a good readable barcode label is made to sit on the product. Barcode labels are imperative for most modern businesses today; there cannot be a product that does not have one in the commercial or retail world.

About Labels

We have said it many times but, a label is often the most visible reminder your customers have of your company and its products. That’s why the appearance of your label is extremely important. However, the appearance alone doesn’t define the quality of a label; above all a label must serve a practical purpose for a specific application.

Barcodes standards explained

There are seven standard barcode labels and each one has a use that can be specific to an industry or a particular use. For example, code 39 is an alphanumeric code by which the width of the bars, colours and spacing make up a series of 43 characters, consisting of uppercase letters, A to Z numeric digits 0 to 9 and a number of special characters.

Meat products and the label

In the wake of the scandal that has surrounded horsemeat being found in beef products such as beef burgers and some lasagne and other items, it is worth emphasising the need for clear and concise information on food labels. We feel sure that retailers and manufacturers are fully aware that this is a must, but design teams can get wrapped up in the look of the label ensuring that it is eye catching and clearly directs the customer in the direction the producer wants them to go, it might be that clear information on the content of the product could be overlooked.

labelling Laws Know Them

For many years both here and in most western countries there has been laws to prevent misleading information on a product label. The legislation is meant to protect the consumer and provide education regarding the product’s contents and origins. As more and more products enter the stream of commerce, there have been increasing levels of legislation and monitoring of these items in order to prevent consumer problems.

The important barcode

There are a number of barcodes in use but importantly as far as we are concerned here in the UK, only two are universally used, others such as Royal Mail are specific to them alone. It is perfectly possible to print your own barcodes, but it can be difficult and it does really require some expertise and above all a thermal printer. In addition you will need some professional label printing software, specific to your printer.

Removable Labels

There are times when a removable label is required, for example for CD’s and DVD’s, glass wear from windows, tables, ornaments and polished steel;  these labels can be supplied  in a variety of shapes, sizes or on sheets if required. These labels are often referred to as easy peel, super peel, or previously book peel, because as their name suggests, they can be easily removed from the product after sale.  Importantly the adhesive for these labels has been specifically designed to be peeled off once applied, leaving no residue behind.

Product Label Ideas

When you are bringing a new product to market, one of the most important tools for your marketing department has to be the label. The label on the product is the first point of contact that the potential customer will see. Labels provide a wide range of information such as what your product actually is to what it is used for to how to use it. The label can of course have graphics or pictures and of course text which has all the information required by legislation and of course about the product itself. From the marketing point of view it should attract the purchaser to buy the item.

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