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Bespoke Label Printing

You naturally want to stand out from the crowd and your product needs to be eye catching and unique to you, so you require a full colour bespoke label and we can supply exactly what you want and we can do it quickly. For the ultimate protection to your bespoke label we will offer Gloss or Matt Varnish and full laminates for the finish and this can be on any number of materials to suit your particular requirement, whether this is cryogenic or other healthcare labels as well as industrial and retail uses including the cosmetic sector.

The best colour for your label

There are some colours which attract attention more than others and it is these that you may consider when designing a new label for a product. Naturally we would not suggest that you ignore your company colour or logo but it may be just the time to consider a possible alternative.

Vinyl Stickers

We believe that vinyl stickers are amongst the most versatile item you can choose for labelling a product or asset and they can be produced in a wide number of stock sizes, we have a range of over 5,000 stock cutters to choose from in different shapes and sizes including rectangular, square, circular and oval. Alternatively for your vinyl sticker, we can for a small fee always order exactly the size or shape that you specifically require.

Artwork design and the label

Because we manufacture labels, we know how important it is to get the artwork right and how good design can help a label to look the part and to help the product to sell, or to transmit an important message to the reader of the label or sticker. Naturally we are happy to use artwork which is supplied to us just as long as it will be compatible with some standard formats such as CorelDraw to version X6, Adobe Acrobat, Adobe Illustrator to version CS4, EPS and High Res tiff of 600 dpi. This can be sent to us on disk, or files sent via E-mail and we can accommodate Mac formats as well as the normal PC that we use.

Extra durable labels

Tell us if you require labels that are likely to come into contact with a contaminant, this could be any kind of oils or greases; they may have to be waterproof as well in which case our standard paper labels would not prove suitable.

HP and other high quality printing

Because we believe that delivering high quality ensures complete customer satisfaction and nothing stands out more to a prospective buyer of a product than it being displayed with outstanding print quality, at DataLabel we invested in what we, and many in the industry, believe to be the very best, HP Indigo printers.

Tamper proof security labels

For security purposes and to ensure that a product has not been tampered with or unauthorised inspection of the item, tamper proof labels is one way to ensure this, as well as being a reliable way to prevent a label being transferred from one product to another in an attempt to gain a financial advantage, or theft.
We can offer a choice of two types of security label dependent upon your particular requirements. For warranty as well as label transfer we are able to supply you with a label, which when an attempt is made to remove it the word VOID appears. This makes it clearly apparent that an attempt has been made to remove the label. Normally these labels would be of durable polyester that allows a variety of printing methods to be utilised, including barcode printing and full colour digital printing.
The second kind of tamper proof security label is the destructible vinyl sticker, this simply breaks should its removal be attempted. With this material any attempt to remove the label will result in this label breaking into small pieces, much like flakes of paint. A very popular label with our customers and again this can be custom printed to you particular requirement with barcodes, sequential numbering, or even logos against a white background.

Label Adhesive Variations

The kind of adhesive that we use for your label will depend upon the use and environment in which the end product will destined for. For example if you have a product that is to be used in ambient, warm or very cold environments, then our water based emulsion acrylic adhesive will be suitable. This is a permanent adhesive, and can be used on dry, warm or chilled products, and is resistant to heat and light, has a temperature range of between -20°C to +80°C.

Pantone 021c

In case you did not know that is the Pantone reference for the orange colour that you will see when you spot the familiar EasyJet aeroplane. Now although it is very difficult to own a colour, although we are sure that Stelios may argue that point, we imagine that you could not paint an aeroplane that colour.

Varnished labels

Applying a coat of varnish to a label can be made to portray a variety of looks to the product, this can be a high tech look, an exclusive premium product look, or whatever image you want to portray on your products to add a unique touch to your brands. These labels can be supplied with a matt or gloss varnish, or a spot varnish to highlight a particular area or feature of the label, perhaps to draw attention to a unique product feature or maybe your logo.

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