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Using QR Codes

It is appearing just about everywhere now and it would seen on most of the products that we buy and a few more besides, we are talking about the QR code.

Materials that can be used for a barcode label

We are all familiar at seeing a barcode printed onto a product label, which is used at the point of sale or portable scanner to either identify the product, read the price, aid stocktaking and inventory tracking amongst a variety of uses. The product label is usually made from paper or it can a synthetic such as polyester this can be over laminated to avoid the barcode becoming damaged or distorted which would make it difficult for the scanner to read the information.

Vital asset label uses

Asset labels are a vital tool of a business, they can be used for a variety of purposes, identifying goods for example, but they do have other important uses. Imagine the situation where a company has a number of items the same, this can of course make it difficult to accurately differentiate them. The asset label will help if one is stuck onto each of them, which will make them easily identifiable.

Any Size Any Colour Any Material

Data label manufacturing has all the capabilities to produce designs and innovative custom labels for a wide variety of applications. Utilising the latest digital manufacturing technologies, Data Label will produce custom labels that satisfy the customer’s most demanding labelling requirements.

Whether you need pre-printed text, graphics, or logos, special sizes and configurations, special topcoats or spot coating, specialist adhesives, or unique constructions, Data Label can produce custom labels to meet the most demanding needs which will suit your particular requirement.

Rules of Labelling Products

It can be quite daunting if you have to wade through the many rules and regulations placed on consumer products; this applies to just about every business most of which has their own requirements. Labelling rules vary according to the product and its components; for example cosmetics and body care products are labelled differently than food or a pharmaceutical product, which is pretty obvious of course. Naturally, products and clothing for children are labelled differently than those for adults. Manufactured items, such as home appliances or gardening products, may require warnings about gases, chemicals or dangerous components.

Labeling Your Food

As a responsible food supplier or grower, you will, we are certain, be well aware of the requirements that are needed on a food or drink product label, but it is worth running through the main points.

Definition of a label

It’s interesting to listen to a person when they are asked what the definition of a label is; the answers usually take the form of something that is stuck to a bottle. Well of course it very often is, but it is much more than that of course.

Some ideas on a new product label

If it has been decided to introduce a new product, maybe give a facelift or slightly change the formula of an existing one, the all important label is that first thing that your customer will see on the shelf or display counter. Labels provide a wealth of information, it is usually the way your product is seen by the potential customer, and it has to tell them what it is and how to use it as well as giving other vital information.

How To Make Eye Catching Products

You are walking along a supermarket and looking at the array of products on the shelves, what do you see and what catches your eye? It could be a particular brand name, or familiar colour on the label, what is a reasonable assumption is that it will be an eye catching design, even if it is a brand that you are looking for, manufacturers do like to ring the changes, whilst at the same time keeping their image and familiar logo.

Get more with 2D QR Codes

We have vast experience collected over the years about barcodes, and with the introduction of the new QR Code naturally we have put all this knowledge into the production of the exciting new storage code.

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