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Promotional and Point of Sale Labels

A great product just like the one you have produced is of little value unless you publicise it and the best way to do that is by attractive packaging and of course a label to inform your customer just how good your product really is. Promotional labels which ensure your promotion stands out from the crowd are essential in today’s crowded marketplace.

Labels A Necessary Evil

In today’s world we have to accept that not everyone is totally honest and this is why your company should ensure that its valuable assets are tagged to prevent an unscrupulous person form selling them of on a site like eBay for example.

I know that you might laugh at such a suggestion, but sadly in an organisations such as a college or large IT workplace it can happen, which is why just about all companies and organisations use asset tags.

Affordable & Easy Advertising

We have all seen them thousands of times, whether we are driving behind them, walking on the pavement or through a car park, the advertising stickers on the front or back of a car. Car dealerships have had them on cars for years and also the British Legion Poppy Appeal now supplies them for the car owner to display on their car to show that they are supporting the appeal.

Barcodes to keep track of your business items

You have bought them for business use and it makes sense to ensure that they are not only looked after, but you know where they can be located in your business premises. Using modern technology and building a database is common sense and with this you can record each and every item and its location.

Keeping your valuable assets safe and secure

One of the important areas for any business is to keep valuable assets safe and prevent them from becoming the province of the petty thief or vandal. Whilst fitting them with a secure asset label or tag will not prevent wilful damage, they will deter a petty thief from moving them on as they can be easily traced. Using asset tags is a simple procedure, and they are also a cost-effective method of identifying, tracking and preserving an organisation’s property.

What are the benefits of asset labels?

There are numerous times in the year of a company, when it is necessary to track the all important assets, where they are, checking on their location and condition, all made easy by the use of asset labels. The asset label is a sophisticated stock record device, but it is more than that, it will help you to track the inventory in case of a fire, theft or equipment loss. The asset labels also act as valid proof of ownership when claiming on an insurance policy.

A multitude of uses for the barcode

We are now all familiar with the barcode, that little piece of printing seem on just about everything that we buy from a store or supermarket, often described as little stripes that are the wonder of the retailing world., now a crucial part of producing and selling a product. The range where these barcodes can be seen is almost endless and in use on a wide range of labels across the world; Asset Labels, Security Labels, Barcode Labels and Custom Labels are a few examples of useful labels, even your lottery ticket!

Barcodes Ideal For Tool Hire Companys

Adding a barcode to a tool that is loaned out by a hire shop has an asset label on it to provide identification for security and also to it can have other information en it as well. It can tell the hire company when it was taken out and also when returned the exact period of hire.

What Type Of Barcode Reader Do I Need ?

The barcode is a great invention and it has now appeared on just about every item that we buy or use and it is hard to imagine what life was like before the series of lines was added to a product label. However the barcode is of no use at all without a device that will read the information that is stored on the code, this is where the barcode reader or scanner as it is sometimes referred to is necessary.

Ensuring correct temperatures of food

Many foods require to be kept at a temperature that ensures that they remain fresh and in good condition. The dairy cabinet in the local supermarket has some of the goods that need temperature control, usually this will not cause the retailer any problem, no it is the cold chain or logistics of getting the food from the factory to the supermarket that can be a cause of concern.

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