Square waterproof labels

Square Waterproof Labels

The key to providing a satisfactory waterproof label is the printing, material and the adhesive used. One material we use is 3M Polyester; this has a great temperature tolerance, ranging between -40°C to +140°C and is a proven waterproof and tear resistant material for our square waterproof labels.

We have invested heavily in the latest digital print technology as ordinary inks would be of little use in high moisture conditions and tend to fade over time. This is why eco-friendly solvent inks are used which are fully waterproof and UV resistant so your artwork stays rich in colour even after years of use.

Naturally a square waterproof label would be of little use if the wet conditions caused the adhesive bond to fail, that’s why the adhesive that we use can resist wind and water. We also offer all of our waterproof labels in a gloss or matt finish and either permanent or peel-able adhesive to meet your requirements.

To ensure that you will be completely satisfied with the waterproof labels that we offer, call us and we will be happy to send a free sample pack, so you can try before you buy. Custom outdoor waterproof stickers & labels are built to last in even the harshest conditions.

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