Why does an asset label have to tough and durable?

An asset label which is also referred to as an asset tag has to be able to withstand all manner of conditions and these can vary considerably throughout the life of the asset. As we are aware asset labels can be hugely helpful for businesses and organisations, allowing the organisation to keep track of all of property, including valuable items such as computer equipment, furniture and machinery.

The asset label is designed to help deter theft as well as making it easier to keep track of track items if they are lost, misplaced or stolen. This is particularly important if assets are moved around a business or temporary loaned out, they make it easy to keep track of what’s out on loan and when it needs to be back, hire shops are a prime example.

But of course it is important that the asset label is able to withstand harsh conditions and possible rough handling, without this they will be pretty useless. So unless your asset labels are incredibly durable, they will not give you any of the aforementioned benefits. If they can be easily removed, it means that your property can be easily stolen; this is why the property should be fitted with tamper-evident asset labels that are specially designed to break into noticeable pieces when someone tries to remove them.

Durable asset labels are designed to withstand all kinds of environments, such as in freezers where temperatures are very low, or in high temperatures even being moved from one to another. We have a huge variety of materials which we use for creating asset labels, contact us and we will be pleased to discuss the various options and suggest one that is right for your needs.

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