What are asset labels?

Asset labels are an incredibly valuable item to ensure that the company assets are monitored and tracked. With asset labels physical record-keeping is cut to a minimum and helps to reduce or even cut out human error which in itself improves the accuracy of your documentation.

These can be manufactured in a variety of materials and printed with your requirements and bar-coded as you wish. Polypropylene labels are simple and fuss free, with four standard colours or with pantone colour by request and supplied on a handy roll, can be laminated if required.  Our vinyl labels are the most economical way to asset tag your property and aging can be offered in four colours, again with pantone on request.

3M Polyester Asset Labels on the other hand are the best if you want labels that are resistant against abrasion and chemicals and will survive for up to five years, offered in fourteen standard colours. If you want an asset label that will stand up to just about anything, we can supply anodised aluminium etched with your logo and with a barcode. Tamper evident, destructible vinyl which is virtually impossible to remove in one piece absolutely perfect for security and write and seal asset labels, a comprehensive asset label portfolio offers a wide choice from which to choose.

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