What are Asset Labels?

Asset labels are tags that have an adhesive backing and are primarily used for identifying equipment using serial numbers or barcodes. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and can be made from an array of materials including vinyl, polypropylene and aluminium and are used in a number of sectors such as the NHS, schools, colleges, and businesses to track equipment, control inventory, prevent theft and provide maintenance information.

Asset labels are the most important component of an effective asset tracking system, enabling businesses to monitor moveable equipment, automating documentation and gathering information about how the asset is utilised, setting up regular maintenance and to track any repairs.

Types of Asset Labels available from DataLabel

Here at DataLabel we have a variety of different asset labels to choose from depending on the application, these are:

Vinyl Asset Labels

Vinyl Asset labels are our most economical labels, and are primarily used around the workplace on electrical items such as computers and laptops, and are perfect for monitoring stationary and moveable assets.

Vinyl asset labels are available in four standard colours, are supplied on a handy roll format and are available in two sizes (38 x 19mm or 50 x 25mm).

Polypropylene Asset Labels

Polypropylene Asset Labels are designed to stick to a wide range of surfaces and are safe to use in temperatures between -10°C and +80°C. These durable labels can be used indoors and outdoors and are available in over 30 different sizes and 14 different colours.

3M Polyester Asset Labels

3M Polyester Asset Labels are specially designed for heavy-duty protection and resistance against abrasion and chemicals. They are overlaid with polyester film, making them last for up to 5 years under the harshest of conditions.

Able to withstand temperatures between -40°C and +140°C, 3M Polyester Asset Labels are available in 14 colours, over 30 different sizes and come in a handy roll format for ease of use.

Anodised Aluminium Asset Labels

These are one of our most durable asset labels and are durable and hard-wearing, enduring high temperatures, abrasion, solvents and much more. Anodised Aluminium Asset Labels are ideal for indoor or outdoor use, are etched in a range of colours and are available in eight different sizes.

Tamper Evident ‘VOID’ Polyester Asset Labels

These clever void asset labels let you know when a piece of equipment has been tampered with, revealing a void pattern if the label is peeled off. Once stuck down, these labels cannot be removed, giving peace of mind and alerting you to any tampering.

Tamper Evident Polyester Asset Labels have a laminated protective film overlay for durability and come in a handy roll format for ease of use. These labels are available in 30 different sizes and 14 standard colours.

Destructible Vinyl Asset Labels & Stickers

Our destructible vinyl asset labels are similar to our void asset labels in that they let you know when a piece of equipment has been tampered with. The specially designed vinyl material will split into smaller pieces when someone tries to remove it making it perfect for security.

Our Destructible Vinyl Asset Labels & Stickers are available in 9 standard colours and over 30 different sizes.

Write & Seal Asset Labels and Tags

These Write & Seal labels are perfect if you need to add your own information to the label. They come part laminated so that you can add the desired data, peel off the backing and stick down allowing you to use it like a normal label.

These are great for adding dates for maintenance schedules, writing departments or any other information you need. With over 1,000 different sizes and 11 standard colour, our Write & Seal Asset Labels are truly personalised labels.

With all of our asset labels, if you don’t see the colour you are looking for you can request Pantone colours to match your brand or business exactly.

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