Weatherproof barcode labels

If you need barcode labels for goods, equipment or merchandise that requires storage in non-standard environments, you will have to ensure that the labels are specially designed to be durable and completely suitable for the conditions.

Durable labels are now available that can withstand extreme heat and cold, outdoor environments, wind, rain and sleet as well as exposure to mild to moderately hazardous chemicals, you may need labels that are resistant to abrasion or other risks of surface damage

These labels are designed to remain intact and perfectly functional even in these extreme conditions. This means you can read them, scan them and easily see them even if they have been outdoors or in a hot, damp environment for months. Some are over-laminated or coated with other protective substances, whilst some are made from super-durable vinyl.

Naturally much depends upon the conditions and just what they may be needed for, we can supply durable barcode labels that can withstand temperatures as low as -40˚C and as high as +150˚C. By not using specially adapted barcode labels valuable time of employees may be spent and that means unnecessary effort and money replacing them when they fade or disintegrate. There is also the risk that mistakes will be made during inventory checks or at stocktaking, which will inevitably lead to problems further on. By using the correct label for the conditions and environment, problems can be averted.

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