Warehousing labels, the easy way to identify items

A well-run warehouse is the heart of a well-run business and unless items can be found quickly and easily, valuable company time can be needlessly spent trying to find an item for a customer, or to re-stock shelves. Some of the types of warehouse labels are illustrated here and much will depend upon the type of warehousing situation which is relevant for your particular business.

We supply reflective asset labels which are made from metal, and they have a series of barcodes that can be easily read from a distance; naturally, they are made quite large in size. An alternative is a floor label which as the name suggests is fixed to the floor using a strong adhesive, ensuring that it will remain in place for a long time. These are usually made from aluminium or steel to ensure that they will withstand the heavy traffic normally experienced in a warehouse.

The most common label that is used in a warehouse has to be the pallet label, these tag the crates or pallets that are used to carry goods from one place to another, again these are normally made from tough metals to ensure that they will withstand wear and tear and rough handling by forklift truck.

Shelving labels, otherwise known as location labels, are stuck on the shelving which stores the goods and they have pre-programmed numeric codes which identify and locate specific items, known only to the warehouse manager or team leader. The codes in a label are printed using thermal transfer printers and every barcode label has an alphanumeric code that is set according to the warehouse owner’s instructions.

Contact us if you have a particular need for warehouse labels and we will be pleased to discuss with you the various options and provide a quotation for these, entirely without obligation.

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