Vital asset label uses

Asset labels are a vital tool of a business, they can be used for a variety of purposes, identifying goods for example, but they do have other important uses. Imagine the situation where a company has a number of items the same, this can of course make it difficult to accurately differentiate them. The asset label will help if one is stuck onto each of them, which will make them easily identifiable.

The asset label will also provide proof of ownership or provide the value for stock taking between departments allocating the asset to each section. The asset label can also be used as a toll for ensuring regular maintenance and important safety checks such as the legal requirement for electrical safety or PAT checking, when this is due for example.

Security is a vital issue in companies and the asset label will give peace of mind to the owner of the asset and these can take a number of forms. This can be a simple label which displays the word void when they are removed, or it can be manufactured form materials which will disintegrate and break into many pieces if an attempt is made to tamper with them.

There is a huge variety of material from which the asset label can be made, this will depend upon the location and environment where it is to be used or stored. Vinyl Asset Labels are our most economical labels, and they’re perfect for tagging equipment around the workplace. Just peel them off and stick them on. A polypropylene substrate is another; this is easy to stick to a wide range of surfaces. We can over laminate them to make them extra-durable too. Polyester asset labels are top of the range for the ultimate resistance against abrasion and chemicals. They’re over laminated with polyester film for heavy-duty protection and they’ll survive for up to 5 years.

Give us a call and we will be happy to talk you through our complete range of asset labels.

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