Track & Trace

We have all probably used the service at some time and it is now widely used in the parcel delivery and mail services. There are various methods used for tracking an item, but increasingly the use of the barcode when the item finally reaches the destination is used by both couriers and the Royal Mail to indicate to the sender that the item has been safely delivered.

The same technology can be applied to stock and warehouse control and a useful tool for keeping assets safe, secure and traceable. This is achieved by having a database which records each and every item together with the location of the asset. Another positive advantage is where the item is an electrical or electronic device and by law needs to be checked for safety. This is achieved by having a filter which will clearly indicate which items are due for test or are out of date, ensuring that all equipment is safe.

Our modern asset tags can be supplied with a barcode and this will make tracking of valuable assets easier. Simply scan the code and you will quickly locate the item. Stock taking in most organisations is an annual event that over the last few years has become a lot easier, thanks to the use of asset tags. The barcode on the item can have location, value, and a description if needed. Tracking and tracing in today’s modern company is the way forward.

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