Three reasons why asset labels can benefit your business

Correctly used by attaching asset labels to equipment and coupling these with barcode labels coupled with asset management software, will enable a detailed record to be kept of company equipment and office accessories, for example tags or labels attached to laptops and other valuable office equipment together with business equipment.

The first reason for asset tagging is it will deter thieves it is known that that stolen goods can be recovered at a much faster rate if you use asset labels. Another good reason is that it enables the items to be retrieved more easily as these labels help consumers, as well as company employees, locate items from where they are stored whenever they are required. This of course means that company time is not wasted trying to locate the items when needed.

Finally and very importantly it provides proof of ownership, insurance companies are very keen to have all types of equipment visibly marked and asset labels are a good way to do this, often it can be a requirement before insurance cover is provided.

If you believe that asset labels will benefit your company, talk to us and we will guide you through the options including the best material to suit both the conditions it is used in and the type of equipment being tagged.

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