Which thermal printing should I use?

Labels that use thermal printing are produced for a specific purpose; we offer two distinct kinds of thermal printing, transfer and direct and there are some variations of these, the way that these differ is that thermal transfer has a ribbon and thermal direct does not.

Usually thermal transfer is the more commonly used one and it is ideal for use when barcodes are needed. Experience has shown that thermal transfer has a longer shelf life than making it ideal for use in product labelling as well as addressing. On the other hand, the use of thermal direct printing would only be recommended for a product that was to be used indoor and it has been considered to be best for temporary labelling of items. It is only recommended for use in items which will not be subject to sunlight, heat or certain UV lighting. If exposed to these the labels will turn black in colour rendering them useless.

If you need any advice on which kind of thermal printing would be best for your product, the type of adhesive, or material, we will be happy to discuss this with you and advise accordingly.

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