Thermal printed barcode labels

A question that we are often asked is “what is thermal printing” and the answer is that this is  a method that is often preferred when producing barcode labels. Barcode printers use either direct thermal or thermal transfer techniques to apply ink to labels. Put simply a thermal printer is a non impact printer which works by using a print head which contains a lot of small heating pins that on contact, effectively burn dots onto special coated paper.

By using this method the barcode is easily readable, which is not always the case should, for example inkjet printers be used as they cannot  print on many different materials because of ink splatter and bleeding, and are usually limited to printing paper. Thermal printing can take two forms, either ink ribbons to apply the barcode directly into the label, or alternatively the thermal transfer printer which uses heat to blacken the barcode onto the label.

Although both of these methods will produce barcodes, however those which are produced from direct thermal printers are more likely to become unreadable, particularly if the label is exposed to heat, sunlight, and chemicals. We have dedicated barcode label software and we can scan and verify samples of the bar codes we produce to ensure they meet specification as well as taking random samples from every batch produced ensuring the highest quality. We pride ourselves in the barcodes we produce, so why not allow us to guide you through the process?

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