There is more to a barcode than a series of lines

The barcode has a multitude of uses, for example they can be in the retail sector for pricing, also document tracking, the tracking of goods or equipment, inventory control, and asset management. There are a number of stages that will go into the production of barcode labels, all of which ensures the high calibre of the product.

Two of the stages are generating the actual image for the barcode; this is normally achieved through thermal transfer. We then add the adhesive and there are a number of different adhesives used in the production of barcode labels, dependent upon the surface they will be used on and the environment the product will be stored or used in.

We can supply the most popular EAN-13 (retail), codes 128, 39 and QR formats and by utilising the latest digital print technology we can incorporate company corporate colours on your labels, the barcode label can be customised, for example you may wish to incorporate elements such as a company logo with your barcode labels. delivered within a matter of days!

We offer a range of materials, again this will depend upon the environment the label will be used in and although normally these are on white paper or even polypropylene materials. For more demanding situations such as on an item which could be subject to harsh environments, they can be produced with polyester and aluminium.

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