The important barcode

There are a number of barcodes in use but importantly as far as we are concerned here in the UK, only two are universally used, others such as Royal Mail are specific to them alone. It is perfectly possible to print your own barcodes, but it can be difficult and it does really require some expertise and above all a thermal printer. In addition you will need some professional label printing software, specific to your printer.

Thermal Barcode labels are also required; these can be either plain or can be pre-printed, so consideration to having the barcode printed to your requirements should be considered. For retail use the barcode has to have a registered code issued and purchased from GS1UK which is the body responsible for retail barcode numbers within the UK. Barcodes used in retail in the U.K and E.U are predominantly EAN-13 this is European Article Numbering system – 13 digits.

Internal tracking, or for asset tracking, the Code39 or Code128 barcodes are normally used and this does not need registered barcode numbers. Whilst barcode readers or scanner prefer black and white printing as they read more easily, colours can be used although there are some which are acceptable working combinations and there are others which simply do not work; we will be happy to advise you about the combinations of colours.

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