The benefits of using security labels

Today we are all becoming more aware of the necessity for security in just about everything that we do, the same applies in the world of business. It has been known for assets to “disappear” or it could be that they have simply been misplaced. This can be a primary reason why companies are increasingly turning to security labels.

There are a number of different security labels, each one has its own distinct purpose, and for example, these could be tags that are used on clothing used to prevent theft. Tamper evident labels are also regarded as security labels as they can be used to identify if an attempt has been made to interfere with the equipment and invalidate the guarantee.

These tamper-evident labels can tale one of two distinct forms, a void label which is adhered to the surface of the item and should anyone try to remove the label, the word void appears and remains on the item. The second type is the destructible label which as the name implies, should this been tampered with the label will split apart into sections leaving it evident that it has been interfered with.

Security labels other than those two can be made from a variety of materials; the choice will depend upon the general location of the item, possible method of transportation as well as storage. The most commonly used material is plastic, but increasingly we are seeing the use of metal as well as fibre.

If you would like to find out more about security labels and asset tags, contact us and we will be only too pleased to discuss the number of options that are available.

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