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Secure your assets today with highly effective tamper evident Security Labels! Perhaps one of the most effective ways to establish whether a product has been tampered with is utilising our premium quality security labels. These highly efficient tags instantly show when tampering has occurred, which offers an instant deterrent to theft and modification. These labels cannot be transferred to other products and should a user attempt to gain unauthorised access, these tags will provide evidence - we call these ‘tamper evident’ labels.

If a security label is removed or removal is attempted, the sticker will be labelled ‘VOID’. An additional feature of our security labels is that they cannot be repaired. This ensures manufacturers and store owners can clearly see that an attempt has been made to tamper with a product under warranty or one that has not yet been sold. For this reason, security labels are a popular choice for high value assets, retail products, courier items and much more. Choose Data Label for competitive prices, fast service and premium quality security labels.

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Destructible labels

What are security labels?

Many of us will frequently encounter security labels in retail stores and on high value products that are backed by manufacturer warranties. Small but effective, they protect businesses and products from tampering and in some cases, theft.

What are security labels used for?

Security labels are popular due to their diverse range of uses. Their most common uses are warranty protection, anti-counterfeit protection, genuine product seals and asset protection. Common applications for security labels include high value technology product packaging, courier items, DVDs and much more.

In addition to retail and product uses, police may use security labels to protect evidence and forensic samples, demonstrating their resilience and effectiveness.

Void Polyester Labels

Void Sony Label

These labels offer a different security solution to tamper evident labels which break up if an attempt is made to remove them. Anyone who has tried to remove one of our Void Polyester labels will quickly find that the top layer comes away without too much difficulty, only to reveal the word Void beneath it.

This is bonded with special adhesive and is tough to remove and the label which has been removed cannot be replaced over the wording smoothed back down or repositioned undetected. We can offer a variety of customised void solutions, for example, texts, patterns, logos, and colours according to specifications required by you including numbering or barcodes.

Tamper Evident Labels

Looking to flag product or equipment tampering for your business? Look no further than these tamper evident labels. Made from vinyl, these security tags have properties that ensure it disintegrates and splits if tampered with, or a removal is attempted. This makes them a perfect solution for securing the authenticity of your products and product seals, as they cannot be transferred to other products, or removed.

Data Label can provide a huge choice of customisations to your tamper evident security labels, including your company logo, barcodes and sequential numbering as required, all for a great price. To order, simply fill in in our enquiry form, email your requirements to, or call us on 01293 551520.

Self-Voiding Security Labels

Whilst some tamper evident labels may break apart when a tampering modification is made, our VOID Polyester Security Labels instead display the word VOID if an attempt is made to remove them.

This works by utilising a specially bonded adhesive, which makes the sticker incredibly difficult to remove. The top layer of the sticker may be simple to peel away, but the VOID label will remain. Crucially, the upper layer of the sticker cannot be replaced, repaired or repositioned, ensuring the removal attempt remains evident.

At Data Label, we offer an extensive choice of customised solutions to suit your business. Choose from a range of texts, patterns, logos and colours, as well as barcodes and numbering as required. Simply fill in in our enquiry form, email your requirements to, or call us on 01293 551520 to find out more.

Why Choose Data Label for Security Labels?

Common Shapes And Sizes

Our premium quality security labels come in an extensive range of shapes and sizes to suit your exact requirements. Using our huge collection (5,000) of cutters, we can accommodate the vast majority of security label requirements. Our cutters include popular shapes including rectangular, square, oval and circular. In the rare instance that we don’t have a cutter to meet your needs, we can arrange for these to be supplied to a custom size for a very competitive price.

Regardless of how specific your security label requirements may be, get in touch with our team to discuss your requirements.

Turnaround Time

We’re proud of the fast service we have been providing our customers for over a decade. When you purchase security labels through Data Label, we offer a rapid turnaround from receipt of order to dispatch, for which we use reliable courier services. This process is achieved in around 3 - 5 days on average, although if your request is urgent, we can cater to your requirements, and discuss any additional fees that this may result in. Please note that if your order is of a custom shape or size, we may take up to 7 days to complete this.

We’re not only renowned for providing a great quality product, which our returning customers tell us is the best around, but also our fast turnaround and highly competitive pricing; our continued trading for over 29 years is a testament to that.

Custom & Fully Bespoke Service Offered By DataLabel

Whilst we don’t offer a standard price for bespoke security label orders, you can be assured that on receipt of your special requirement, we will respond to you quickly - most of our enquiries are dealt with, complete with a competitive quotation, within the hour. Some orders may require additional time for quoting. Factors that influence this include type, quantity, material specified, and special adhesives.

When purchasing from Data Label, you will receive a bespoke label of the highest quality, to your exact specification, which through high-quality printing, conveys to your customer that you care about the product and how it is displayed.

For further information, call our experienced and efficient team on 01293 551520, or fill out our online enquiry form for a free quotation.

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