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Buying Security Labels From DataLabel

At Data Label we offer a wide range, including security labels that clearly show when a label has been tampered with. If an attempt is made to transfer a label to another product, or to gain unauthorised entry, these labels will make it obvious – we call these tamper evident labels. Tamper evident labels offer an added degree of protection and can help deter theft too.

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Destructible labels

Common Uses For Security Labels

Security labels can be used in a wide variety of diverse situations, for example, anti counterfeit labels, warranty protection and genuine product seals, DVD and CD seals, cartons, boxes and packaging, as well as asset protection. Police forces use them to secure evidence & forensic samples.

Security labels are also used where it may be necessary to identify any attempt to tamper with an item as well as preventing theft. An example is if the label is removed from the surface, it leaves behind the word "Void". The label cannot be repaired and it clearly shows that an attempt has been made to tamper with it. These labels are frequently used on CDs and DVDs.

Void Polyester Labels

Void Sony Label

These labels offer a different security solution to tamper evident labels which break up if an attempt is made to remove them. Anyone who has tried to remove one of our Void Polyester labels will quickly find that the top layer comes away without too much difficulty, only to reveal the word Void beneath it.

This is bonded with special adhesive and is tough to remove and the label which has been removed cannot be replaced over the wording smoothed back down or repositioned undetected. We can offer a variety of customised void solutions, for example, texts, patterns, logos, and colours according to specifications required by you including numbering or barcodes.

Tamper Evident Labels

This type of security label is made from vinyl and cannot be removed in one piece which has built-in destruct properties causing it to split if an attempt to remove it is made. Their use helps to secure the authenticity of products; we can customise these labels to your exact requirement with barcodes for example or by sequential numbering, or even your company logo against a white background. They are also often used as package seals; it is not possible to transfer the label to another package.

Self-Voiding Security Labels

Tagging or securing an asset used to involve physically fixing a metal tag to a piece of equipment, perhaps drilling and screwing to ensure that it was properly secured. Your precious company assets can now be tagged by using a much simpler method, using self-voiding security labels.

These can be customised to suit your own personal requirements. They can be supplied on sheets or rolls and include custom printing or colours. The advantage of self-voiding labels is that they can be applied to any substrate directly, for instance, smooth surfaces on doors, cabinets, files, equipment and more, all without the need to drill holes or an opening for a mechanical seal. The message revealed can be customised to your requirements and when the seal is removed, it cannot be resealed or hidden.

Common Shapes And Sizes

Usually, we can meet the needs of a business wanting a label from our huge range of standard sizes and because we have a huge range of standard size cutters, this means that we are able to accommodate most security labels from our range.

We can normally supply the size of label you require from the 5,000 cutters we hold. These include popular shapes such as rectangular, square, circular and oval. However there are occasions when we are requested to supply a security label for which we do not hold a cutter, but we can arrange for these to be supplied to the specific size at a competitive price.

So when you need a specific security label, please contact us. We may be able to supply this to you directly from our stock, but if not then be assured that we will be able to offer a very close match or supply the exact size at a competitive price.

Turnaround Time

We offer a quick turnaround from receipt of order to despatch which we ship by courier. This is achieved, on average in 3-5 days. For speciality labels, or ones requiring a specially shaped cutter, we would still have these to you in 7 days. However, if you have a very urgent need and require your labels quicker than standard, we can provide an urgent service and would always advise you of any additional charge.

We pride ourselves on not just providing a product, which our returning customers tell us is the best around, but they also love us for our fast turnaround and keen pricing; our continued trading for over 29 years is a testament to that.

Custom & Fully Bespoke Service Offered By DataLabel

We don't offer a standard price for a bespoke security label, because there are certain factors that will always vary according to the type, quantity, material specified, special adhesives, but you can be assured that on receipt of your special requirement, we will get back to you very quickly, most of the enquiries received are normally dealt with and a quotation sent back within the hour.

Even though we are unable to offer standard pricing for a bespoke security label, what we do offer is that you will receive a bespoke label of the highest quality, to your exact specification, which through high-quality printing conveys to the customer that you care about the product and how it is displayed.

For further information or anything that you would like to know about security labels or any other product, call our experienced and efficient team on 01293 551520 or fill out our online enquiry form for a free quotation.

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