The advantages of over-laminated labels

Before over-laminated labels were commonly available, company owners and managers found themselves wasting time and money replacing barcode labels that had become damaged or simply disintegrated or faded and unreadable. This can mean that time is lost by being unable to read the label and can mean that valuable employee’s time is wasted.

Today we can provide labels from a variety of materials that are capable of withstanding the harshest of conditions including being frozen down to extreme temperatures referred to as cryogenic.

However, one of the most cost effective methods is to over-laminate the label by coating with a clear film of polyester material. By doing this we will protect the label from a number of common problems such as the weather, ultraviolet rays, grease and dirt, fingerprints, many known chemicals and even graffiti!

With the protection of the over-laminated surface, barcode labels remain legible, structurally intact and perfectly functional. The label information can’t be scratched off or damaged, so ensuring that it is always readable and remain so for as long as the item to which it is attached . Other benefits of over-laminated barcode labels and asset tags include reduced glare from light sources and it can also help to keep the label smooth and flat.

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